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2018 Alumni Awards

Dean Steve Coll and the Alumni Association of the Journalism School are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 alumni prizes. The awards will be​​ presented Saturday, April 21, at a luncheon during the J-School’s Alumni Weekend.

Four distinguished graduates have been chosen to receive the Alumni Award, given by a jury of their peers, for their accomplishments in the profession or a related field: Neil Barsky ’84, founder and chairman of The Marshall Project; David Gonzalez ’83, reporter and editor of The Lens blog for The New York Times; Alissa Quart ’97, executive editor of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project; and Sam Roe ’86, investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune. Please go here to read more about them.

Also named were Gene Gleeson ’73, who will receive the Founder’s Award, and Janelle Richards ’10, winner of this year's First Decade Award. Please read more about them here.


See the impressive list of past winners below, by clicking on the ORANGE ARROWS.

Past Alumni Award Winners

Matt Bai ’94
Erika Dilday ’93
Robin McDowell ’93
James Toedtman ’67
First Decade Award:
Basharat Peer '07

Solly Granatstein ’94
Margo Jefferson ’71
David McHam ’60
Sree Sreenivasan ’93
Founder's Award:
Keith Goggin '91

Raney Aronson ’95
Jeff Gottlieb ’80
Margaret McBride Lehrman ’70
Irena Choi Stern ’01
Dean's Medal:
Wayne J. Dawkins ‘80
Founder's Award:
Eve Orlans Mayer ‘52
Paul Neely ‘70
Innovator's Award:
Walter Mossberg ’70
Kara Swisher ‘85

David Bohrman '78
Vanessa Bush '97
Borzou Daragahi '94
Ari Goldman '73

Josh Friedman '68
Abrahm Lustgarten '03
Suzanne Malveaux '91
Janice Min '91
Dean's Medal:
David Thorne ’71
Founder's Award:
Rick Smith '70

Gail Collins (K-B) ’82
Lolis Eric Elie ’86
John J. Fialka ’62
Simon Li ’70

Rym Ali ’94
Bruce Brugmann ’58
Rehema Ellis ’77
Robert Shaw ’66
Dean's Medal:
Howard Paster ’67
Founder's Award:
Joan Konner '61
Innovator's Award:
Kelly Golnoush
Niknejad ’05 M.S., '06 M.A.

M. Charles Bakst ’67
Lydia Polgreen ’00
John Quiñones ’79
Ron Suskind ’83
Arnold Zeitlin ’56
Dean's Medal:
Michele Montas ’69

Myron Belkind ‘62
James McBride ‘80
Susan Page ’74
Tim Weiner ‘79
Dean's Medal:
Robert H.N. Ho '58

Margaret Drain ’76
Walter Mossberg ’70
Dele Olojede ’88
Evelina Shmukler ’98
Kenneth Turan ’68
Dean's Medal:
Phil Hardberger '60
Founder's Award:
Judith Crist '45

Robert Giles ’56
Andrew Meldrum ’77
Robert Merry ’72
Linda Winslow ’67
Dean's Medal:
Adrian Benepe '81
Founder's Award:
David Brown' 37

Alex Belida Jr. ’71
Howard Fineman ’73
Tom Goldstein ’69
Robin Reisig ’68
Dean's Medal:
Madeleine May Kunin '57

Heidi Evans ’84
Dennis Redmont ’63
Tom Rosenstiel ’80
Joe Saltzman ’62
Dean's Medal:
Daniel J. Edelman, ’41

Kenneth Best '67
Rita Henley Jensen ’77
Michele Montas-Dominque '69
Lewis Simons ’64

Beverly Deepe-Keever ’58
Narasimhan Ram ’68
Howard Schneider ’67

Mel Gussow ’64
Frederick Kempe ’77
Rena Pederson ’70
Marquita Pool-Eckert ’69

Jerome Aumente ’60
Philip S. Balboni ’71 CFT
Ralph Blumenthal ’64
Richard M. Smith ’70

Maurine H. Beasley ‘00
William German ’40
Peter Osnos ’65
David Perlman ’40

David Brown ’37
Carl Leubsdorf ’60
Allan Sloan ’67

Steve Kroft ’75
Michael Maidenberg ’67

Dinah Eng ’77
Philip Hamburger ’38

Murray Teigh Bloom ‘38
Jim Detjin ‘78
Harold K. Douthit ‘52
John L. Hulting ‘47

Soma Golden Behr '62
John Jay Curley ‘63
Alan Emory ‘47
Paul Friedman ‘67

Daphne Larkin ’75
Robert H. Phelps ’50
Dick Schaap ’56
Claire Sterling ’45

Neil Henry ’78
Betsy Pilat Marston ’63
Howard Weinberg ’65

Anna Kisselgoff ’62
Susan Spencer ’69

Wayne Barrett ’68
Wayne Dawkins ’80
Milton Viorst ’56

Samuel Rachlin ’77

Nicholas Gage ’64

Myron Kandel ‘53
John J. Foley ‘66

David McClintick ‘63
Geraldine Brooks ‘83

Larry Jinks ’56
Reginald Stuart ’71

Dorothy Gilliam ’61

Robert Toth ’55

Betsy Wade ’52
Paul Wilkes ’67

Gabe Pressman ’47
Jules Witcover ’51

James Boylan ’51
Stuart Loory ’58
Dallas Townsend ’41

Elie Abel ’42

Judith Crist ’45

Fraser Bond ’21
Ralph Smith ’17

Gerald Green ’47
Ralph Lowenstein ’52
Pat Munroe ’41

William Dwight ’26

Other Award Winners:
(Please let the Alumni
Relations office know
if you have information
on dates of
individual awards, at

Carl Ackerman ‘13
George Allen ’54
James Aronson ’37
Stanley Asimov ’52
Richard T. Baker ’37
Lincoln Barnett ’33
Edward W. Barrett ’33
Luigi Barzini ’30
Elliott Bell ’25
Theodore Bernstein ’25
Tom Bettag ’67
Louis Boccardi ’59
Hal Borland ’23
Ernest Boynton ’71
Paul Branzburg ’67
Sam Brown ‘72
Herbert Brucker ’24
Hodding Carter ’29
Henry Beetle Hough ’18
Bennett Cerf ’20
Lydia Chavez ’77
Barbara Stubbs Cochran ’68
Bill Corum ’21
Hilda Couch ’24
Richard Ben Cramer ’72
Robert Elegant ’51
Reuven Frank ’47
Robert Garst ’24
Maxwell Geffen ’16

Emily Genauer ’30
Martin Goodman ’57
Beatrice Gould ’25
Oliver Gramling ’27
Paul Greenberg ’57
Vincent Harding ’53
George Herman ’42
John Hohenberg ’27
Jeanette Hopkins ’45
Tony Horwitz ’83
Frank Mankiewicz ’48
Molly Ivins ’67
Russell Jandoli ’41
Donald H. Johnston ’50
Tonnie L. Katz, ’67
Peter Kihss ’33
Junji Kitadai ’63
Woody Klein ’52
Clayton Knowles ’31
William Kreger ’52
Irwin Landau ’55
Joseph Lelyveld ’60
Irving R. Levine ’47
Flora Lewis ’42
Samuel Lubell ’33
Hugh Robertson ’15
Christopher Roper ’64
Lester Markel ’14
Anthony Marro ’68
B. O. McAnney ’41
James B. McClatchy ’49
Peter S. McGhee ’60
Sam McKeel ’52
Foye McNaughton ’15
John McWethy ’36
Ted Morgan ’55
Charles Murphy ’19
Michael Ogden ’32
Alan L. Otten ’42
Vance Packard ’37
Sydney Penner ’29
Alice Pitts ’17
Frederic Pitts ’17
John Quinn ’46
Elliott Sanger ’17
Philip Scheffler ’51
M. Lincoln Schuster ’17
Robert Shaplen ’38
William Shelton ’50
Howard Simons '52
Joseph Sterne ’50
Leonard Sussman ’41
John Tebbel ’37
Alan Temple ’17
Hollington Tong ’13
Lester Trautmann ’41
Christopher Trump ’62
Doug Tunnell ’75
Joseph Ungaro ’53
John Noble Wilford ’62
Ahmed Yalman ’13

Highlights of Alumni Weekend 2017

Watch this space for more details about the 2018 Alumni Weekend, April 20-21. But until then, thank you to all who attended Alumni Weekend 2017. It was a huge success, with 623 registering for all or part of it. See more photos of the weekend on Facebook. Feel free to share and tag yourselves. Class photos are near the end of the album.

At the Alumni Awards luncheon, Dean Steve Coll delivered a statement in response to the recent attacks on the press. You can watch his presentation on YouTube, or read the transcript here. A sample: "Recent attacks on the press have actually strengthened the press. Yet I believe we are entering a prolonged struggle. It will ask much more of us yet, I'm afraid.''


Alumni Resources

Journalism School alumni have access to an assortment of benefits and services including:
  • Ordering transcripts
  • Book and computer discounts
  • Library and database access
  • Cultural discounts
  • Lodging discounts
  • Access to reception and meeting facilities
  • Lifelong learning programs
See the full array of resources offered by the Columbia Alumni Association.

Career Development

If you are looking to update your skills or find a new job, you will find many ongoing resources within the Office of Career Development. The resources for alumni are password protected and only available to Journalism School graduates. They include:

To explore these resources, you’ll need your UNI. You can also join and search the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism group on LinkedIn.

Alumni Board

The Alumni Board is the official link between graduates and the school's faculty, administration and current students. Board members are alumni who are willing to give of their time to help the Alumni Office come up with ways to engage graduates worldwide through programs and services.

See the current board members.

Give Back

As an alum, you can support the future of journalism in many ways:

Hire a Journalism School Graduate 

As an alum of the Journalism School, your achievements build over the years. Many alumni take the opportunity to “pay it forward” as mentors or hiring managers to the next generation. If you are a hiring editor or producer and want to interview Journalism School students for jobs and internships, please contact the Career Development Office, post a listing on our JobNews board or attend our annual Career Expo, the biggest of its kind at any journalism school.

Support the Journalism School

Learn how your donations can extend the mission of the Journalism School. 

Mentor a Current Student 

Through the mentor program, we give you an opportunity to help a current student get a handle on different aspects of the industry and form a professional relationship with a working journalist. The program is currently being revised.