The Office of Alumni Relations is dedicated to fostering a strong and vibrant network of graduates of Columbia Journalism School. We offer a range of benefits and services to our alumni, including networking events, career development resources, and opportunities for lifelong learning. Connect with us to stay engaged and tap into a supportive community of fellow graduates!

For more information, contact Kelley M. Spencer, Director of Alumni Relations at [email protected].

International Alumni

If you are based outside the U.S. and want to connect with other international alumni, join this closed LinkedIn group for story leads and networking.


Switched to teaching after graduating from the J-School? Want to connect with other educators? Join this closed LinkedIn group.

Business Journalists

Are you a business reporter or editor who wants to connect with other J-School alumni who are passionate about business journalism? Join this closed LinkedIn business reporting mentoring group to share ideas and opportunities.


Working in television, in front of the camera or behind the scenes? Connect with other CJS alumni in your field in this closed LinkedIn group.

Content Creators

Do you write technical articles or newsletters for banks? Do you work for a hospital chain and manage its website and social media? Want to connect with others working handling nonprofit digital presence? Join this closed LinkedIn group.


Want to meet other J-School alumni who write books? Join this closed LinkedIn group to share ideas and promote your works.

Journalism School alumni have access to an assortment of benefits and services including:

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Dean Jelani Cobb at a local alumni event.

Columbia Journalism School Alumni Board

The Columbia Journalism School alumni board is representative of the J-School alumni body. Members work closely with the Alumni Relations Office to establish and to serve as a connection between the J-School and its 15,000 alumni.

Meet the Board

Rex Smith '80,
Writer and Creator, The Upstate American

Andrew Seaman ’11, 
Senior Managing Editor for Jobs and Career Development, LinkedIn 

Lauren Betesh ’13, Volunteer Video Producer, Columbia Journalism School

Elena Bowes '89, Freelance Travel and Design Writer — London and New York City

Richard Chacón ’93, Director of News Standards, NBC

Vladimir Duthiers ’11, New York Correspondent, CBS News 

Sophie Guité de Seynes MA ’06, MPhil ’08, Ph.D.’11, Portfolio Specialist on Morgan Stanley, Investment Management’s Global Multi-Asset Team

Anup Kaphle ’08, Executive Editor, Rest of the World

Liz Borod Wright '00, Social Media Director, Richard Attias & Associates

Regional Representatives

Kavita Chandran Budhraja ’98, Trainer and News Content Advisor, Singapore
Nicole Neroulias Gupte ’02, Executive Editor & Nonprofit Communication Consultant, New Delhi

Linda Himelstein '87, Independent Journalist
Lila LaHood ’98, Publisher, San Francisco Public Press,  California
Darren McDermott '92, Partner and co-Head, the San Francisco Brunswick Group
Andy Reinhardt ’88, Health and Higher Education Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

Heather Cabot ’93,
Author and Speaker

Zubeida Jaffer ’96, 
South African journalist and author

Daniel Matamala ’12,
News Anchor, Chilevision and a freelance columnist for La Tercera, Noticias de Chile

Rhonda Colvin ’13,
Capitol Hill Reporter, The Washington Post
Kathy Gest ’70, Communications Trainer, Public Affairs and Advocacy Strategist, Editor and Writer
Rishi Iyengar ’14, Technology Writer, CNN Business in San Francisco
Rosiland Jordan ’90, State Department, Specials, and Guantanamo Correspondent, Al Jazeera English
Tesfaye Negussie ’08, Digital Video Producer and Reporter, ESPN’s The Undefeated

Tamia Fowlkes '23, 
Public Investigator, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel