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Winners of a 2022 Best in Business Award, a 2021 IRE Award and a 2020 Peabody Award

Columbia Journalism Investigations is the school’s postgraduate reporting program. We employ recent graduates and pair them with experienced journalists to produce high-impact investigative stories in partnership with leading news organizations. What makes CJI distinctive is our location within a world-class research university, allowing for collaborations with scholars. Operating as a newsroom, CJI has several reporting teams that tackle domestic and global investigations into critical issues of public interest, including climate, immigration and civil rights. 

Our Featured Projects

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Hot Days

We collaborated with NPR, The Texas Newsroom, The California Newsroom and Public Health Watch on this investigation into worker heat deaths.

Read the NPR story.

Listen to The Texas Standard special.

Read about our reporting’s impact.

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Unchecked: Dating Apps and Sexual Violence

We collaborated with ProPublica on this investigation into the online-dating industry’s handling of offline sexual violence.

Read the ProPublica piece on industry behemoth Match Group.

Take a look at the industry’s patchwork of responses.

Read about our reporting’s impact.

woman hugging child with two other children next to her

We collaborated with THE CITY’s Missing Them project, Type Investigations and City Limits on this investigation into the New York City public schools’ response to COVID-bereaved children.

Read THE CITY story.

Take a look at the kids’ vignettes.

Read about our reporting’s impact.

Learn more about the CJI teams here.

Our Editorial Team

Our Investigative Team

Our Global Migration Team 

Our Cross-Border Team


CJI’s postgraduate reporting fellowships are exclusive opportunities open only to recent M.A. and M.S. graduates of the Columbia Journalism School. For more information on the application  process, please contact Career Services.

"CJI gave me the vaunted and otherwise all-but-impossible chance to practice crucial skills and develop invaluable new ones while producing urgent and impactful news stories – all within the highly supportive atmosphere of top tier professional guidance and media partnerships." 
— Julia Shipley, a 2021-22 CJI fellow

Our Funders

CJI’s major funders include donors to the Investigative Reporting Resource, the Endeavor Foundation, the Tow Foundation, Dave and Kathy Scially and the Columbia Journalism School.

The Investigative Reporting Resource is a pool of general operating support that underwrites the reporting of CJI’s teams of postgraduate fellows. The purpose of this resource is to advance in-depth reporting in the public interest.

Read the school's philanthropic donations policy (PDF) to learn more about the principles that apply.