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M.S. Part Time

A Flexible Program for Working Professionals

The Part‐Time M.S. program celebrated its 25th graduating class in 2018. Launched in 1991 by Dean Joan Konner, the program has graduated nearly 900 journalists, including two women who went on to win Pulitzer Prizes and many other distinguished graduates across media platforms. 

The program attracts working journalists who want to take their careers to the next level with new skills and career changers who want to learn the fundamentals of journalism and receive guidance as they transition into the industry. 

The Part-time Program is a more flexible, but no less rigorous, version of the M.S. degree program. Students in this program follow the same curriculum as full‐time students but complete their work over two years instead of 10 months.

Who Should Apply

Applicants who can attend class and spend at least six to eight additional hours a week reporting and writing are eligible for the part-time program. Although some classes are offered at night and on weekends, this is not a night program. Applicants must have enough flexibility in their jobs to chase stories wherever the reporting takes them and attend extracurricular events at the Journalism School.

How the Part-time Program Works

Starting in 2020, part-time students will begin courses in the fall and begin working on their master's projects the following May. For the subsequent fall and spring, students select the courses they need to fulfill the remaining requirements.

Program Schedule

Year One


  • Reporting (6 points)
  • Written Word (3 points)


  • Seminar & Production I (6 points)


    Year Two


    • Master's Project (6 points)
    • Critical Issues (2 points)


    • Investigative Techniques (3 points)
    • Image & Sound (3 points)
    • Journalism, the Law & Society (2 points)


    • Seminar & Production II (6 points)


    *Must be taken this semester.

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    Elena Cabral

    Adjunct Faculty and Director of Part-Time Program, Student Services

    [email protected]