Tuition & Costs | Columbia Journalism School

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance includes tuition, University fees and living expenses.

See Scholarships and Financial Aid for information on financing your journalism education.

Estimate of Tuition, Fees and Living Expenses 2023-2024

M.S. Full Time

Program length: 9 ½ months


  • Tuition: $75,348
  • Fees: $9,521
  • Living Expenses: $41,822
  • Estimated Total Cost: $126,691

M.S. In Data Journalism

Program length: 12 months


  • Tuition: $113,022
  • Fees: $10,083
  • Living Expenses: $50,186
  • Estimated Total Cost: $173,291

M.S. Part Time

Program length: 2 years


  • Tuition:$34,080
  • Fees: $3,953
  • Living Expenses: $40,103
  • Estimated Cost (first year): $78,136



M.S. Journalism and Computer Science

Program length: 2 years


  • Tuition: $78,492
  • Fees: $9,521*
  • Living Expenses: $41,822
  • Estimated Cost (first year): $129,835



Program length: 9 months


  • Tuition: $68,588
  • Fees: $9,521
  • Living Expenses: $37,639
  • Estimated Total Cost: $115,748


Program length: Up to 9 years


  • Tuition: $68,588
  • Fees: $9,521
  • Living Expenses: $37,639
  • Estimated Cost (single year): $115,748

Billing & Payment

Follow these links for key details on billing due dates and how to make payments.

Payment Schedule Billing due dates for tuition and fees  

Payment Plan Columbia offers a monthly payment plan for the fall and spring terms.

Online Check Payments can be made online with your bank account and routing number. 

Payment by Mail Checks and money orders in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank account should be made payable to Columbia University. 

Wire Transfer For payments drawn on foreign banks, the University recommends a wire transfer as the most efficient method of payment. 

Sponsored Students Sponsored students are those whose educations at Columbia University are funded directly by a third party. Fulbright, CONTACT, BECAS Chile, DAAD, Ford Foundation and INLAKS are examples of third party funders. 

Other Payment Options The University offers several ways to make your payments.

Refunds If credits (payments and/or financial aid) to your student account exceed the amount required to pay your tuition and fees, the University will issue a refund either by direct deposit to your bank account or by check.