Furthering Opportunity in the Industry

Democratizing Journalism


Dean Jelani Cobb’s top priority is inclusive pathways into journalism, as a free press is vital to holding power to account via an informed citizenry. 

But to uphold democracy, journalism itself must be democratic. 

Like many lawyers, social workers, and doctors working in underserved communities, journalism students pursue a commitment to the public good. CJS is constantly intensifying efforts to support these aspirations and ensure access.

CJS is embarking on an ambitious plan to create new inclusive pathways into journalism by establishing tuition-free attendance and with the inaugural Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP).

“The problem of poverty isn’t a lack of money, but a lack of choices that money can afford.”

Dean Jelani Cobb

Piloted in 2023, LRAP draws inspiration from those at other professional schools, including law schools and medical schools where civic-minded students make career choices without the burden of student debt. 

The first of its kind in the journalism industry, CJS aims to use LRAP to help draw top talent to local communities and to a vibrant new nonprofit sector — one that is helping to address the under-reporting caused by shrunken editorial budgets and shuttered local newspapers. 

“The problem of poverty,” Dean Jelani Cobb has said, “isn’t a lack of money, but a lack of choices that money can afford." At CJS, a free press starts with students' freedom to choose journalism.

Fellowships and Opportunities

Hot Days
Columbia Journalism Investigations

CJI is the school’s postgraduate reporting program. It employs recent graduates and pairs them with experienced journalists to produce high-impact stories in partnership with leading news orgs.

Joan Konner
The Joan Konner Program in the Journalism of Ideas

Joan Konner was a groundbreaking broadcast news producer, documentarian, television executive, and author who served as CJS Dean from 1988 to 1997.  This program honors her legacy by supporting the completion of projects that depart from traditional beats.

Tony Horwitz
The Tony Horwitz Fellowship

Since 2020, the Tony Horwitz Fellowship has funded reporting projects that bridge divides and promote equality and understanding. The Fellowship honors Tony Horwitz, '83 M.S., who won the Pulitzer Prize and wrote more than a half dozen books with a focus on American history.

Broadening Understanding

Helmed by Professor Nicholas Lemann, Columbia Global Reports is a nonprofit publishing imprint from Columbia University that commissions authors to produce works of original thinking and on-site reporting from all over the world, on a wide range of topics. It became a part of CJS in 2023.

According to Director Lemann, CGR “fills a unique niche with timely, deeply reported and argued short books on big issues that are just around the corner. We don't just publish books. We use books to start continuing conversations about topics that weren't getting the attention they deserved until we took them on.”

Learn more about their endeavors and support their mission.

Increasing Diversity


CJS is dedicated to expanding diversity within the walls of Pulitzer Hall, and therefore increasing the proportion of underrepresented populations in newsrooms across the world. 

CJS provides a robust curriculum that invites diverse thought leaders and ward-winners into classrooms and lecture halls. The school also aims to showcase the diversity of our students, alumni and donors, centers and faculty bodies through the stories we spotlight, the alumni we feature, and the student reporting we share with alumni and donors.

Learn more about how CJS is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Working Around the World

CJS is committed to amplifying the University’s presence around the world in order to help address threats to press freedom and the spread of disinformation. Partners in this have included Columbia’s Global Centers in Chile and Rio de Janeiro, Diego Portales University in Chile, and the University San Andres in Argentina, among others.