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Career Expo 2024

The annual spring Career Expo is open exclusively to graduating students at Columbia Journalism School. The Career Expo showcases a wide range of news organizations, from legacy media to digital startups. Newsrooms from across the nation and globe participate to meet our students. 

The annual spring Career Expo took place on Saturday, March 23, 2024, with nearly 140 newsrooms participating to interview graduating students at Columbia Journalism School, making it the biggest journalism job fair in the United States. The Career Expo showcases a wide range of news organizations, from legacy media to digital startups. Newsrooms from across the nation and globe took part.

See the list of registered news companies here. 

Our students are uniquely prepared to join those newsrooms. Columbia journalists are trained in reporting, writing, video, photo, audio, data visualizations and investigative techniques. Many of our grads also gain subject expertise in business and economics, politics and global affairs, science, and arts and culture reporting.

Another amazing career fair! The students were so well-prepared and sharp and enjoyable...

Columbia Journalism runs the BEST career development experience, and I have helped connect some people today with individuals who might assist them with jobs and fellowships.

John Barth, Creative Media LLC

Employer Testimonials

"It was super well organized and impressive." — Tasneem Nashrulla, Semafor

"I interviewed 15 students today and was awestruck by how smart they were. I wish I could hire all of them." — Vernon Loeb, InsideClimate News

"The students are so talented, and I was honored to return to Columbia and get a chance to meet them all." — Luis Andres Henao, Associated Press

Student Experiences

"It was an amazing day today, exhausting, but came out feeling good from the conversations. I can’t imagine the hard work you and the team put behind getting all the employers in this space. And the yearlong help that went into ensuring we present the best version of ourselves today." —  Subeksha Poudel, '24 M.S. Candidate

"I wanted to thank you for the immense amount of effort you put into the career expo. I really enjoyed each one of my conversations, and I'm confident these relationships will last beyond graduation." — Trisha Mukherjee, '24 M.S. Candidate

"Thank you for the career fair! I managed to speak to a lot of recruiters who I hope to work with someday, and also get insights into how to build my career in the video space. I also wanted to thank you for your help with my cover letters and resume leading up to the expo — it allowed me to clear the first step of the BBC News Fellowship, and I'm excited for the process going forward!" — Nishtha Shanti, '24 M.S. Documentary Candidate


Career Expo

The Career Expo showcases the wide range of news organizations operating today, from legacy media to digital startups and international, national, regional and hyperlocal outlets, general news, single-issue/topic-focused and investigative websites producing content in a variety of media, including text, video, photo, audio and data visualizations.

Employers seek candidates to cover a range of subject areas. Companies that attend the Expo are seeking to fill:

  • Full‐time positions
  • Part-time positions
  • Paid Fellowships
  • Paid Internships
  • Freelance, contract and stringer positions
  • Freelance assignments

The Career Expo takes place every spring and is limited to the graduating students of Columbia Journalism School. 

Employer Registration

The 2025 Career Expo will take place on Saturday, March 29, 2025. Employer registration will open in December 2024. If you would like more information, please contact Shumaisa Rehman-Nabi, assistant director of Career Development.

At the Career Expo, you'll meet students with a range of skills. Among the degree candidates you will meet: