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Our intensive, six‐week summer program in New York prepares students for entry-level jobs in all aspects of book, magazine and digital publishing through daily lectures and workshops. Since its inception seventy-five years ago, the Columbia Publishing Course, along with its sister program in Oxford, U.K., has been recognized as the premier training ground for those aspiring to work in publishing. Due to the novel coronavirus, the Columbia Publishing Course held its first-ever virtual course in 2020, and again in 2021. The CPC returned to in-person courses in 2022 and plans to continue in person in 2023. The 2023 New York course dates are June 12th-July 20th. 

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These past weeks have been nothing shy of astonishing. I had heard of the merits of the Columbia Publishing Course, but I don’t think I could have imagined how life changing it would be, how much I would learn, and how impressive the lecturers would be. The time and energy you have already invested in our class is appreciated beyond measure, and I am heartened by your commitment to trying to help us until we find our home in publishing. They say never meet your heroes, but I think you have proven that to be resoundingly false.

Liz Velez, '21 Virtual CPC
Editorial Assistant, Harper Collins


I am so thankful for this invaluable, memorable journey. I learned so much and connected with wonderful people; I’m excited to take the next steps to make my long-sought publishing career a reality.

Ellie Anderson, '20 Virtual CPC
Publicity Assistant, Thames & Hudson


CPC gave me the knowledge and connections I needed to get my start in publishing, but it also supported my emotional and personal growth in ways I never anticipated. The work you put into getting to know us and ensuring our success is remarkable and something I will always be grateful for. I am so excited to be taking the next step on the path CPC set me on and I look forward to sharing it with the lifelong friends I made at the course.

— Molly Maguire, '19 CPC NY
Assistant Literary Scout, Jenny La Plante, Inc.


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CPC 2023 NYC
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Kickstart a Career in Publishing

Although course graduates are not guaranteed job placement, CPC offers extensive career recommendation and support services. Résumé and cover-letter workshops give students the opportunity to work one‐on‐one with a professional to develop their written presentation skills. In addition, human-resources professionals talk to students about interviewing and the process of finding a job.

The course has an excellent job placement rate, and people in the publishing industry know that course graduates make excellent employees. The course not only helps students find their first jobs but also creates a network that stays with them throughout their careers.

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We annually visit many colleges and universities. We've hosted information sessions at the following campuses: 

  • Bard College
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  • Columbia University
  • Georgetown University
  • Harvard University
  • Howard University
  • Mount Holyoke College
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  • Vassar College

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