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Marc Benioff & Kevin Sneader

Columbia University School of Journalism’s Knight-Bagehot Fellowships in Business and Economics 44th Anniversary Event to Celebrate Reaching 400 Graduates Landmark

In 2019, the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Business and Economics housed at Columbia Journalism School will graduate its 400th fellow, as part of the largest specialized journalism fellowship in the world. To celebrate the milestone, Marc Benioff, chairman and co-CEO, Salesforce and co-chair, TIME, and Kevin Sneader, global managing partner, McKinsey & Company, will keynote the Knight-Bagehot 44th Anniversary event at the Marriott Marquis in New York on October 16, 2019.

How I Got Published In...

How I Got Published in the New Yorker and Univision News

In a single course at the J-School, Inti Pacheco, '17 M.S. Data, began collaborating on not one but two investigations that would later be published in major news outlets. Here he tells how he and his classmates developed these stories, and how they came to be published with the help of Columbia Journalism School and a career-altering fellowship.

Preview of story on NBC News

What Postgraduate Data Journalism Fellows Learned When They Asked 'Is the Department of Justice changing its stance on cases pertaining to religion?'

This week, data project fellows, Maya Miller, David Mora and Andrew Rodriguez Calderon, partnered with NBC News on a story that looked at religious liberty cases taken up by the Trump Administration's Justice Department. The team answers questions on what led to the story, their rigorous reporting process, and what advice they have for other journalists covering government agencies.

RBG Documentary's Julie Cohen and Betsy West

VIDEO: 5 Lessons Learned From The Directors of RBG

Betsy West, Fred W. Friendly Professor of Professional Practice in Media and Society, and Julie Cohen ('89 M.S.), documentary filmmaker and television news producer, share the five lessons they learned while making the Oscar nominated documentary about the life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Columbia Journalism Investigations Fellow Talks About Her Collaboration with The Times

The Beat is an interview series with the Journalism School's postgraduate fellows that educates the public on how deeply reported investigations are made. Bridget Hickey, '18 M.S., talks about her recent collaboration with The New York Times on a story about McKinsey and Company, one of the world's most influential management consulting firms.

A Publication For Ambitious Narrative Nonfiction Writers and Readers

The Delacorte Review is the Journalism School's latest publication dedicated to providing readers with new, original works of ambitious narrative nonfiction, often by writers they are reading for the first time. And second, allowing our readers to discover how those stories came to be told.