The School awards about $5 million annually in scholarships for master’s-level students.  Many scholarships, including the Annual Fund, to which alumni contribute over $1 million annually, are open to all students who apply for and qualify for scholarship funding.

Scholarship Funding for Full-Time Master’s Programs in the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Below are examples of some of the 180 scholarships that offer substantial financial assistance to our students:

The NBCUniversal News Group Scholarship – The group launched a $1,000,000 multiyear scholarship fund to support students from underrepresented populations who seek careers in journalism. The scholarships will be awarded over five years to students beginning in the 2021-22 academic year.

Nikkei Fellowship – Provides $100,000 and some living expenses for students who are residents of Asia who have an interest in applying to the M.S. Data Journalism or M.A. Business programs.

Pulitzer Africa Data Journalism Scholarship – A generous scholarship of up to $150,000 for a student, who is a resident of a country in Africa admitted to either the M.S. in Data Journalism or the dual Master of Science program in Computer Science and Journalism.

Toni Stabile Fellowship – Up to $50,000 for tuition to qualified students in the M.S. Stabile Investigative Program, who demonstrate both academic excellence and financial need.

Maria Moors Cabot Fellowship – At least $20,000 for students interested in journalism from outside of the United States with preference for residents of Latin America. 

Li Fund for International Students – At least $60,000 for a student who is not a resident of the United States, especially for students from countries where the need is particularly great.

Barbara London Lemann Scholarship – Up to $30,000 for a student in the M.A. Arts and Culture Concentration. 

San Paolo Scholarship – Up to $94,000 annually for M.S. or M.A. students who are residents of Italy or who have a strong interest in Italian politics, society and culture.

The Walter H. Diamond and Dorothy B. Diamond International Business Fellowship – Up to $29,000 to provide scholarships for those pursuing a career in international business journalism. 

duPont Awards Student Fellowship – provides $10,000 annually to two students with an interest in audio-visual reporting who participate in a fellowship program with the awards program.

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