Student Work

Doc ’15 students Yingqian Chen and Ony Nwaohuocha

Doc ’15 students Yingqian Chen and Ony Nwaohuocha's film explores the revival of the 1970's dance.

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Doc '15 student Amina Mujtaba

Doc '15 student Amina Mujtaba's film explores the cultural practice of arranged marriages in a contemporary American society.

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Losing Handler Finds Comfort at Westminster Dog Show

Valerie Dekimpe ’16 M.S. covered the Westminster Dog Show on deadline for Video Newsroom.

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NY City Lens on the Campaign Trail: A Diary

As the New York presidential primary approached, students in the City Newsroom class covered the candidates.

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The Memory Project

For Project Wordsworth, 17 students examined a memory and then reported on what actually had happened.

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