Student Work

As students enrolled in the Investigative Projects class, Jacqueline Williams & Ana Graciela Méndez, '15 M.S., worked with adjunct professor Walt Bogdanich on an investigation that raised questions about the safety and viability of the Panama Canal. Their story was on the front page of The New York Times.

Univision Cruise Ship

A six-month investigation by students in Prof. Giannina Segnini's cross-border investigations with data class resulted in a collaboration with Univision that showed how the cruise industry is one of the least regulated in the U.S., and how it shielded itself under the laws of tax havens from which it operates. 

THROUGH THE FIRE tells the story of recovering drug addict Luis DeJesus, who is trying to stay clean while coming to terms with a family where abuse and neglect stretch back generations. A film by Doc ‘15 students Nyasha Kadandara and Olivia Lace-Evans.

Doc '15 students Raza Naqvi and Sara Obeidat

MARATHON MEN looks into the lives of three young men on the autism spectrum.  The film explores how all three men and their families have found meaning and purpose through running. A film by Doc ‘15 students Raza Naqvi and Sara Obeidat.

Losing Handler Finds Comfort at Westminster Dog Show

Valerie Dekimpe ’16 M.S. covered the Westminster Dog Show on deadline for Video Newsroom.

Watch her video.