International Dual Degree Programs

Global journalism in the 21st century, supported by two prestigious dual degree programs and other international affiliations.

For more information on Columbia Journalism international programs, contact Elena Cabral.

Science Po

Dual Degree Sciences Po Journalism School in Paris

Columbia Journalism School and the Sciences Po Journalism School in Paris offer a dual degree program that allows students to study in two hubs of journalism and graduate from both institutions. This is the first dual degree program between a French and an American journalism school. One of the world’s top universities for social sciences, Sciences Po is based in the heart of Paris in a campus with award-winning architecture.

The partnership reflects the global nature of journalism in the 21st century and offers students top-tier training from both an American and a European perspective. It encourages mastery of journalistic techniques, bilingual training and the opportunity to develop a career with a unique international background. In 2022, Sciences Po Journalism School was ranked 1st journalism school in France: it has world renowned academic professors as well as professional journalist teachers and very rich network in national and international newsrooms.

Columbia students will apply at the end of the first semester for the dual degree in order to study at Sciences Po Journalism School the following year meanwhile Sciences Po J school students will apply to Columbia at the same time to study in New York after one year in Paris. Each school controls its own admission process, though a representative from the partner institution attends the final selection process. Students pay regular tuition rates at each institution. 

Columbia Journalism School students at Sciences Po will be in the Master's degree in Journalism, Master 2, at Sciences Po Journalism School, with a tailor-made programme composed of a part-time internship and courses at Sciences Po (academic courses, workshops, and language courses). Students can be granted an allowance for their training, but it has to be decided on an individual basis by the employer.

Sciences Po J school lays the emphasis on covering the environmental crises and its consequences, as well as digital skills. The Columbia students will also have the opportunity to work as interns 2 to 3 days a week in Paris based news and media organizations while enrolled at Sciences Po. Sciences Po’s journalism school will oversee the placement of these internships.

Students from Sciences Po who are admitted to Columbia will enroll in our M.S. program, the cornerstone program offered by the Journalism School. Over 70 students are part of the Alumni from the Dual Degree Sciences Po Journalism School/ Columbia Journalism School, and some of them have shared their best memories here.


University of Barcelona Journalism Program

The Journalism School shares the management of the Universitat de Barcelona BCNY Journalism program in Spain and contributes faculty members who offer specialized short courses in Barcelona.

Students enrolled in this program undertake a rigorous, one‐year curriculum, which in many ways resembles that of the Journalism School. The program is dedicated to producing journalists who demonstrate the same professional standards and sense of responsibility as their Columbia colleagues. The curriculum is taught in Spanish.

Applicants who are fluent in Spanish and are unable to attend Columbia will regard this program as an interesting alternative.

BCNY Journalism is strongly supported by Spanish news organizations, many of which provide internship opportunities for the students. Typically, the student body is highly diverse, with representatives from several European countries, Latin America, Africa and the U.S.

For more information, contact program director, Frederic Vincent.