Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Admissions | Columbia Journalism School

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be notified of my scholarship and federal financial aid awards?

Federal financial aid and the Journalism School Scholarship Aid Award notices are sent in mid‐March shortly after admission decision emails are posted.

What percentage of students receive federal financial aid?

The Journalism School offers several million annually in fellowships and scholarships to domestic and international students who demonstrate high academic achievement, financial need and exceptional promise for leading careers in journalism. Our Office of Admission and Financial Aid works with each student to ease the cost of attendance through a combination of scholarships and need-based programs, including grants and federal and private loans.

About 80 percent of our students utilize some sort of financial aid, including grants, loans or scholarships. Applicants who submit the Journalism School Scholarship Aid application are automatically considered for merit and need-based scholarships. Admission decisions are need-blind.

When will I receive the money from my student loan to cover my living expenses?

Generally, you will receive this money during the first two weeks of the semester. The funds come in the form of a refund, which is based on any credit remaining after the money from your student loan has been applied to tuition, fees and other university charges. Refunds are processed throughout the year when credit balances appear. The university will issue a refund either via direct deposit or a paper check. More information.