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News Products and Entrepreneurship Weekend

November 11, 2023 - November 12, 2023
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Pulitzer Hall, 2950 Broadway, New York, NY 10027 Brown Institute

Join the Brown Institute for a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in news product development! Our weekend-long event, taking place November 11 and 12, is led by industry leaders Dalit Shalom, Lead Product Designer at the New York Times, and Justin Hendrix, CEO and Editor of Tech Policy Press.

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The Brown Institute’s mission is to push the boundaries of storytelling, and this event is a perfect opportunity to do just that. By participating, you’ll work in teams to develop ideas that can be proposed to both the  Magic Grant program and the Brown Institute Venture Competition, two funding opportunities offered by the institute. The Magic Grant program awards teams between $10k – $150k to pursue project work for up to a year. The Venture Competition has cash prizes and a paid fellowship to attend Brown’s Summer Entrepreneurship Program.

Saturday: News Products, led by Dalit Shalom, Lead Product Designer at the New York Times

This news product sprint is open to journalism, data science, and computer science students, and will provide hands-on training in the creation of innovative news products. Through interactive lectures and lab sessions, you will learn about the key concepts and practices of product development, design, engineering, and business. You will work in teams to iterate, prototype, and pitch products that engage and retain audiences and tell stories in new ways!

Sunday: Venture Clinic, led by Justin Hendrix, CEO and Editor of Tech Policy Press

Are you considering a new journalism or media venture? How do you go from an idea about a service, technical solution, or other product concept to evaluating its potential to be sustainable as a business? What quick tests can you run to identify and interrogate your core assumptions? This session will offer a mix of instruction and exercises for those thinking about how to build a new venture, with special consideration given to the complexities and challenges of doing so with projects related to journalism and media in today’s market environment.

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