Peter J. Leonard

Peter Leonard is an audio engineer, composer, and sound designer for narrative podcasts, as well as a budding educator in audio. Currently, he works at Gimlet (a Spotify Originals studio), where his sound designing, mixing and composition credits include "StartUp," "Science Vs," "How To Save A Planet," "The Cut On Tuesdays" and "Without Fail." Prior to Gimlet, Peter was at Vox Media, where he developed podcasting technical infrastructure at their DC headquarters and went on to work on shows such as "The Weeds," "Ezra Klein Show" and "Worldly;" he was also at SiriusXM as an on-air producer for talk programming. Peter studied Audio Engineering and Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor before getting his Masters in Audio Technology at American University. Now, Peter is passionate about teaching technical resources in podcasting.