Report. Shoot. Edit. Work on-air and behind the camera.

Whether your goal is to work in local or network television news, as a radio reporter or for an online publication, broadcast journalism courses in the M.S. degree programs will teach you the production skills and standards of great reporting and storytelling for the eye and ear.


Students at the Journalism School have many opportunities to learn the skills needed to excel in broadcast journalism and tell stories in video or audio. Both video and audio classes are core components of the M.S. program in which students work on deadline pieces as well as on longer stories. Students can learn on­-air skills, take a radio or podcasting class, experiment with virtual reality and hone the techniques that are essential to working in a digital newsroom.

M.S. candidates can also apply to the third­-semester Documentary Program, designed to train students in the art of documentary filmmaking.

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Broadcast journalism classes allow students to develop and expand their reporting, production and storytelling skills in both audio and video. 


Student Work

NY State Capitol

For Prof. Sally Hership's Radio Workshop, Ali Swenson, '19 M.S., reported bill introduced in the New York State Capitol that would split the state in three.

Do Upstate & Brexit Share Similar Separatist Forces? One Bill in Albany Says 'Yes'

gymnasts stretching on a mat

Bailey Bryant, '17 M.S., reporting on deadline for The Ink on a low-cost gymnastics program in Harlem. 

Hall of Fame Athlete Brings Low-Cost Gymnastics to Harlem

preview of stories on Hyperallergic site

For the M.A. Arts & Culture Fall Seminar with Prof. Alisa Solomon, students wrote wide-ranging reviews and reports covering the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) Crossing the Line Festival. Their work was published by the website Hyperallergic.