Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Admissions | Columbia Journalism School

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses will I take during my residence at the Journalism School?

With the exception of those doing a dual degree in computer science at SEAS (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences), dual degree students follow the same curriculum as other M.S. Journalism School students.

As a dual degree student, do I get any breaks on tuition?

Tuition will be charged according to the rates effective at the school in which the student is enrolled each term. However, you may save some tuition by doing the dual­-degree program because some of the degrees you can earn in less time than you would if you pursued them separately.

How will my financial aid be applied?

If you receive financial aid from the Journalism School it will only be applied to the Journalism School. The same is true for the other Columbia school you choose to attend.

Can I decide to apply to another Columbia school while at the Journalism School?

Yes, you may enroll in one school first and then apply to another school at a later date. However, students must apply to the second school prior to completing half the coursework of the first school. Specifically, for the Journalism School a student must apply to the other Columbia school within the first semester.