Mia J. Hariz

Mia Hariz is a video journalist who has previously worked for CNN, CNN+, BBC Reel and the United Nations. Presently, she teaches at her alma mater, the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. At BBC Reel, the BBC’s site for premium video content, Mia produced individual documentary shorts and oversaw entire series. She led research, conducted interviews, and edited footage on topics including sustainability, creativity and psychology. Before CNN+’s shutdown, Mia assisted in pitching, researching, scripting and editing short-form, live programs. The year prior, she interned with CNN Digital Productions, where she worked on producing and editing mini documentaries for CNN’s daily “Go There” show. In 2020, Mia earned her master’s degree from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, where she now teaches visual storytelling as an Adjunct Professor, advising graduate students on proper camera operation, development of narrative structure, non-linear editing, and post-production techniques.