Jonathan Thirkield

Jonathan Thirkield's work explores the boundaries between the human language systems of poetry and code—as forms of expression and as structural models for being. He has worked as an independent Web developer for arts and media outlets over a decade, and he has taught poetry at colleges and universities including the Iowa Writers' Workshop and Deep Springs College. He teaches courses in computational media and digital arts at the New School's Graduate Media Studies Program, Parson's Design and Technology MFA program, and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism MS Data program. 

His first collection of poetry, The Waker's Corridor, won the 2008 Walt Whitman Award of the Academy of American Poets. His next of collection, Infinity Pool, will be published by the University of Chicago Press' Phoenix Poets series in the fall of 2024. His interactive work has been accessioned into the Rhizome ArtBase, and his recent writing has appeared in Conjunctions, The New Yorker, and The Paris Review. To view some of his interactive projects go to