Golda Arthur

Golda Arthur is an audio producer, reporter and editor. Over the course of her 25-year career in journalism, she has edited and reported on breaking news, produced long-form documentaries and series, and led teams to create award-winning podcasts. Her work has been heard on the CBC, BBC and NPR.

Her roots are in news: she began her career in audio at CBC Radio in Canada, where she was a reporter and producer. She went on to work for the BBC World Service in London, producing and then editing Newshour, the network’s flagship news program for 12 years, working on breaking news, field productions, and documentaries. In New York, where she is now based, she was an editor and producer for Marketplace, and senior producer for the award-winning technology podcast, Codebreaker. She moved from radio to podcasting in 2017, working for Vox Media, where she co-wrote and produced Land of the Giants: the Rise of Amazon, the first in a multi-year series on the power of tech companies. Moving further into tech journalism, she was also executive producer of Reset, a technology news show at Vox, before moving on to become supervising producer of Today, Explained. She is now an independent journalist and showrunner.