Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a Korean-American photographer based in both San Antonio, Texas and Brooklyn, New York. His personal work focuses on issues of identity, subcultures, immigration, and the United States military. He is known for his use of lighting and style in his images as well as his sense of empathy for the people and subjects he photographs. He is most recently known for his work during the January 6th riot at the US Capitol building in Washington DC.

Chris is frequently commissioned by the New York Times, TIME, Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker and Texas Monthly. He has also contributed to New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, Politico Magazine, Washington Post, The Intercept, among others.

His commercial clients include Apple, ON Running, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), World Vision International, Innocence Project, Backcountry, Cannondale, Specialized, among others.