Withdrawal is the act of formally giving notice that one is leaving the Journalism School without intending to return at a future time. A student who has withdrawn is not eligible for reinstatement. 


To withdraw from the Journalism School, complete the following checklist:

  • Meet with Dean Huff as soon as possible to discuss withdrawing; please bring your laptop with you. During the meeting you will be asked to complete Columbia’s Withdrawal & Leave of Absence Preliminary Review as well as the Journalism School’s LOA/Withdrawal Exit Interview form (before leaving the meeting with Dean Huff).
  • Immediately notify Tarin Almanzar, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. She will review your finances and the refund rates as they apply to you
  • Contact Health Services at 212-854-7210 to discuss health insurance options outside of Columbia.
  • If you are an international student, consult with the International Students and Scholars Office about the impact of withdrawing on your visa.
  • If you are in Columbia Housing, make plans to vacate housing within 48 hours of withdrawing.
  • Columbia University will send you an official notification that your withdrawal has been processed and will inform you whether or not you will be receiving a refund.
  • Your UNI and CUID card will be deactivated immediately.

Health Insurance

Please contact Health Services at 212-854-7210 to discuss health insurance options outside of Columbia. 

Visa Issues

Students on a J1 or F1 visa who intend to withdraw must contact the International Students and Scholars Office as soon as possible.

Financial Aid

It is vital that students direct all financial aid questions to the Journalism Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. A student who is out of school for more than a semester may be required to begin loan repayments. Therefore, it is important to schedule an exit interview with Journalism Financial Aid to discuss the options for a particular loan before leaving. 

Campus Involvement

A student who has withdrawn may not use university facilities. Email accounts are normally suspended within six to nine months after the withdrawal is processed.

Please note that students who have withdrawn but have previously been awarded a Columbia degree may, as alumni, retain access to their LionMail email account and use facilities such as the libraries. See the Columbia Alumni Association website for more information.


If you have any questions regarding your personal leave or reinstatement, please email Dean Melanie Huff or call her at 212-854-3861.