Winners of the 2019 duPont-Columbia Awards | Columbia Journalism School

Winners of the 2019 duPont-Columbia Awards

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CBS Miami (WFOR)

The Everglades: Where Politics, Money and Race Collide

An engaging hour-long documentary that seamlessly explored the deeper environmental, political and social roots of Florida’s contaminated Everglades.


Reporter, Writer, Producer: Jim DeFede
Executive Producer: Caridad Hernandez Wood
Photojournalist/Video Editor: Tony Jerez
Special Projects Editor: Alex Bombard
Photojournalists: David Agudelo, Joaquin Garcia, Manny Alvarez, Mitch Cuba, Abel Castillo

Project Designer: Angela Travieso
Graphics: Arturo Wong
Design Director: Judy Flook
News Director: Elizabeth Roldan
Vice President & General Manager: Adam Levy


CBS News 60 Minutes and The Washington Post

“The Whistleblower” and “Too Big to Prosecute”

In this joint investigative series, 60 Minutes and The Washington Post exposed a war within the DEA over the pharmaceutical industry’s role in the opioid epidemic.


CBS News 60 Minutes
Correspondent: Bill Whitaker
Executive Producer: Jeff Fager
Executive Editor: Bill Owens
Producers: Ira Rosen, Sam Hornblower
Associate Producers: LaCrai Mitchell, Alex J. Diamond
Editor: Robert Zimet


The Washington Post
Reporters: Scott Higham, Lenny Bernstein


CNN Films


The first theatrical documentary to present a comprehensive and intimate portrait of a sitting Supreme Court Justice, RBG is an engrossing, entertaining lesson in women’s rights and constitutional law.


Director/Producers: Betsy West, Julie Cohen
Executive Producers: Amy Entelis, Courtney Sexton
Associate Producer: Nadine Natour
Coordinating Producer: Alexandra Hannibal
Editor: Carla Gutierrez
Director of Photography: Claudia Raschke
Composer: Miriam Cutler

CNN International & Nima Elbagir

Human Rights Abuses Reporting

Elbagir's fearless reporting across Africa, from a modern day slave market in Libya, to child labor in Congo, and a smuggler’s network in Nigeria, documented rarely seen exploitation and corruption.


CNN Senior International Correspondent: Nima Elbagir
Executive Vice President and Managing Director: Tony Maddox
Senior Vice President, CNNI Newsgathering – TV and Digital: Deborah Rayner
Vice President and Bureau Chief, CNNI London: Thomas Evans
Executive Producer: Deborah Rayner
Producers: Raja Razek, Lillian Leposo, Barbara Arvanitidis, Dominique van Heerden
Local Producers: Ayman Kekly, Hassan John, Gaily Elbagir, Yara Nadeem
Digital Producers: Bryony Jones, Lauren Moorhouse, Eliza Mackintosh, Sheena McKenzie
Video Editors: David Castelein, Fiona Sibbett, Mark Baron
Motion Designer: Ignacio Osorio
Photojournalists: Alex Platt, Nick Migwi, Salah Nasir

EPIX, Gidalya Pictures & Blumhouse

This is Home: A Refugee Story

This feature-length documentary gave unique insight into the mechanics and challenges of refugee assimilation, with extraordinary depth and detail, to capture what it is to be a refugee.

Director/Producer: Alexandra Shiva
Producer: Lindsey Megrue
Executive Producers: Princess Firyal of Jordan, Jason Blum, Jill Burkhart, Patty Quillin
Editor: Toby Shimin
Director of Photography: Laela Kilbourn
Composer: T. Griffin
Co-Executive Producers: Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold, Yvonne Huff Lee, Jason Delane Lee
Co-Producer: Stu Pollard

Florentine Films & WETA

The Vietnam War

THE VIETNAM WAR is a major achievement in documentary storytelling; a ten-part, 18-hour documentary film series ten years in the making, that viscerally brought the war and the chaotic epoch it encompassed to life. 


Director/Producers: Ken Burns, Lynn Novick
Writer: Geoffrey C. Ward
Producer: Sarah Botstein
Editors: Tricia Reidy, Paul Barnes, Erik Ewers, Craig Mellish
Co-Producers: Mike Welt, Salimah El-Amin, Ho Dang Hoa
Associate Producers: David P. Schmidt, Lucas B. Frank, Mariah A. Doran
Cinematographer: Buddy Squires
Technical Director: Dave Mast
Assistant Editors: Daniel J. White, Ryan Gifford, Margaret Shepardson-Legere, Rich Rubin, Meagan Frappiea
Apprentice Editors: Evan Barlow, Alex Cucchi, Brian Lee
Research/Production Associates: Steve Sowers, Megan Ruffe


A standard-bearer and innovator, this year FRONTLINE produced an exceptional lineup of outstanding programs that illustrated how well it both champions traditional documentaries while also forging ahead with cutting edge, adaptive content, as exemplified by eight programs:


Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia


The Last Generation

Myanmar's Killing Fields

Putin's Revenge

The Gang Crackdown

Living with Murder

Life on Parole


Executive Producer: Raney Aronson-Rath
Managing Editor: Andrew Metz

For a full list of credits, click here.



I Am Evidence

Focusing on three American cities grappling with tens of thousands of untested rape kits, this compelling and disturbing feature-length documentary detailed the experiences of four victims caught up in a fundamentally flawed criminal justice system.


Directors: Trish Adlesic, Geeta Gandbhir
Executive Producer for HBO: Sheila Nevins
Executive Vice President for HBO Documentaries: Nancy Abraham
Executive Producers: Marc Levin, Sukey Novogratz, Regina Scully, Maile M. Zambuto
Senior Producers: Lauran Bromley, Myrna Bromley 
Producers: Mariska Hargitay, Trish Adlesic


Drivers Under Siege

The hard-hitting local investigative series provided shocking testimony about the increase in violent attacks on Bay Area bus drivers, which brought the problem to light and ultimately helped address it.


Senior Investigative Reporter/Anchor : Vicky Nguyen
Investigative Producer: Kevin Nious
Vice President of News: Stephanie Adrouny
Assistant News Director: Bob Goldberger
Photographers/Editors: Mark Villarreal, Jeremy Carroll
Contributing Reporter: Jodi Hernandez
Contributing Photographers: Joe Rojas, Michael Horn, Matt Ulrich
President & General Manager: Stacy Owen
Digital Special Projects Producer: Sean Myers

Reveal | PRX | PBS NewsHour | Associated Press

Kept Out

This painstakingly researched exposé on modern day “redlining”- denying mortgages and home loans to people of color - analyzed over 30 million records to provide a meticulous, multi-platform indictment of today’s banking system.




Host: Al Letson
Executive Producers: Kevin Sullivan, Amanda Pike, Sara Just
Senior Reporters/Producers: Katharine Mieszkowski, Laura Starecheski
Senior Producer: Richard Coolidge
Editor/Senior Producer: David Ritsher
Senior Reporter/Correspondent: Aaron Glantz
Producers: Rachel de Leon

Field Producers: Jaywon Choe, Leah Nagy
Reporter: Emmanuel Martinez
Data Reporters: Angeliki Kastanis, Sinduja Rangarajan, Eric Sagara
Chief Content Officer: John Barth
Editor in Chief: Amy Pyle
Senior Data Editors: Jennifer LaFleur, Michael Corey
Director of Audience: Hannah Young
Senior Digital Producer: Sam Ward
Data Editor: Meghan Hoyer
Senior Radio Editor: Deborah George
Lead Sound Designer: Jim Briggs
Sound Designer: Fernando Arruda
Production Manager: Mwende Hinojosa
Freelance Developer: Allison McCartney

RMPBS Insight with John Ferrugia

Imminent Danger

With remarkable access to the families of mentally disturbed killers, Rocky Mountain PBS took an informative deep dive into Colorado’s “Imminent Danger” rule that critics argue does not allow enough early intervention, especially for the mentally ill who own guns.


Investigative Reporter/Managing Editor: John Ferrugia
VP News - RMPBS: Laura Frank
Producer: Phil Maravilla
Production Manager: Diane Cerafici
Photojournalist/Editors: Jason Foster, Kelly FIink
Photojournalists: Coby Howell, Brian Malone, Josh Burleson



On Her Shoulders

The artfully shot and edited documentary film chronicled a war crimes survivor’s story, using dense narrative layers to give context to an underreported international human rights crisis; ISIS’s persecution of the Yazidi people.



Director: Alexandria Bombach
Executive Producers: Bryn Mooser, Matt Ippolito, Marie Therese Guirgis, Adam Bardach, Alison Klayman
Producers: Hayley Pappas, Brock Williams
Co-Producer: Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown
Associate Producer: Gabriel Lifton-Zoline
Editor: Alexandria Bombach
Additional Editor: Michael Bucuzzo
Director of Photography: Alexandria Bombach
Additional Cameras: Karee Maxson, Sam Kretchmar
Composer: Patrick Jonsson

This American Life

Our Town

An engaging portrait of one Alabama town that has absorbed a decades-long surge in immigrant workers, this two-part radio program busted myths and offered important lessons for the rest of the country.



Reporting Producers: Miki Meek, Ira Glass
Senior Producer: Brian Reed
Associate Producers: Lilly Sullivan, Diane Wu
Fact-Checkers: Christopher Swetala, Michelle Harris
Interpreter: Gabriela Munoz


Caught: The Lives of Juvenile Justice

With gripping personal stories and tense intimate scenes, this nine-episode podcast revealed a web-like juvenile justice system and explored its devastating long term effects on young people.


Host: Kai Wright
Vice President, News: Jim Schachter
Executive Producer: Karen Frillmann
Senior Producers: Kaari Pitkin, Courtney Stein
Producers: Sophia Paliza-Carre, Paige Cowett, Rebecca Carroll, Patricia Willens
Associate Producers: Jessica Miller, Simone Cazares, Caitlin Pierce, Tim Peterson
Reporters: Sarah Gonzalez, Marianne McCune, Mary Harris, Cynthia Rodriguez, Jared Marcelle, Taylor Eldridge
Technical Director: Cayce Means
Managing Editor of The Marshall Project: Kirsten Danis
Editor of Data News: Rhyne Piggott
Fact Checker: Michelle Harris
Research: David Jeans
Consultant: Dwayne Betts
Composers: Hannis Brown, Alberto Lugo, Taja Graves-Parker, Sean Gary
Mix Engineers: Bill Moss, Karen Pearlman, Matt Boynton

WNYC & ProPublica

Trump, Inc.

Throughout the first season of this collaborative reporting podcast, a team of investigative reporters expertly tackled the business relations between the Trump administration, the Trump family, the Trump business and the rest of the world.


Co-Hosts: Andrea Bernstein, Ilya Marritz
Vice President for News: Jim Schachter
Senior Producer: Meg Cramer
Associate Producer: Alice Wilder
Editors: Charlie Herman
Technical Director: Bill Moss
Engineer: Wayne Shulmister
Original Music: Hannis Brown

Senior Reporter: Jesse Eisinger
Reporters: Heather Vogell, Justin Elliott
Editor-in-Chief: Stephen Engelberg
Managing Editor: Robin Fields
Editors: Eric Umansky, Nick Varchaver
Engagement Editor: Terry Parris Jr.
Research Director: Derek Kravitz
Researcher: Katherine Sullivan
Social Visuals Producer: Lucas Waldron

The Investigative Fund
Reporter: Anjali Kamat
Editor: Esther Kaplan

WTSP-TV & Tampa Bay Times

Zombie Campaigns

The investigative partnership between WTSP and The Tampa Bay Times combined computer-assisted reporting with clever storytelling to expose loopholes in federal campaign laws that allowed politicians to continue using campaign funds long after they leave office, or even die.


Investigative Reporter: Noah Pransky
Investigative Photographer: Paul Thorson
Executive Producer: Melissa Rancourt
Reporter: Chris O'Donnell
Data Reporters: Connie Humburg, Eli Murray
Creative Director: Skye Beitler
Investigations Editor: Adam Playford
Social Media: Randy Klein