Winners of the 2018 duPont-Columbia Awards

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ABC15 Arizona

Cash for Compliance

A relentless investigative series exposed an audacious group of litigators who exploited the Americans with Disabilities Act for profit.



Investigative Reporter: David Biscobing;
Investigative Producer: Shawn Martin;
Investigative Photojournalist: Gerard Watson.



ABC News Lincoln Square Productions

LET IT FALL: Los Angeles 1982-1992

Artfully told and deeply reported, this documentary reconstructed the decade-long series of events leading up to the 1992 racially charged Los Angeles riots.



Director: John Ridley;
Executive Producer: Jeanmarie Condon; Morgan Hertzan
Senior Producer: Melia Patria;
Supervising Producer: Fatima Curry;
Editor: Colin Rich;
Producers: Rayner Ramirez, Steve Gomez, Spencer Wilking;
Associate Producer: Emilie de Sainte Maresville;
Production Assistant: Elizabeth Jurcik.


American Documentary and WORLD Channel - WGBH | PBS


Three distinctive yet complementary short films spotlighted the profound benefits of early education in impoverished and often ignored parts of America.



Producer/Director Zócalo Media: Nina Alvarez;
Executive Producer Lost Nation Pictures: James Rutenbeck;
Producer/Director: Dustinn Craig;
Series Producer/Director American Documentary: Carmen L. Vicencio;
Executive Producers American Documentary: Chris White; Justine Nagan;
Executive Producer WORLD Channel/WGBH: Christopher Hastings;
Host: Natasha Del Toro;
President/CEO ITVS: Sally Jo Fifer;
Head International Co-Productions and Strategic Partnerships, ITVS: Tamara Gould;
Senior Producer of National Productions, ITVS: Richard O’Connell.

CBS News

60 MINUTES: The New Cold War

In this sobering two-part series, producers gained rare access to America’s nuclear arsenal and introduced viewers to the front line men and women who would have to carry out a nuclear attack.

See more about this segment.



Correspondent: David Martin;
Executive Producer: Jeff Fager;
Executive Editor: Bill Owens;
Producers: Mary Walsh, Tadd J. Lascari;
Editor: Robert J. Shattuck;
Camera: Tom Rapier, Mark LaGanga, Peter Norton, David Dellaria, Don Friedell, Don Lee, Sean Healy, Dan Bussell, Ron Dean;
Sound: Andre Palai, Bryan Baeta, Jimmy Wong, Matthew Magratten, Jay Enyart, Eric Kerchner, Tom Staton, Michael Coleman.

CBS Evening News

The Road to Aleppo

A series of courageous daily news reports by veteran conflict reporter Elizabeth Palmer and her crew on the ground in Syria.

Watch The Road to Aleppo.



Correspondent: Elizabeth Palmer;
Executive Producer: Steve Capus;
Senior Producer: Heather Abbott;
Producers: Lynne Edwards, Mark Ludlow, Erin Lyall, Jamie McGlinchy, Agnes Reau, Justine Redman, Brian Robbins, Andy Stevenson, Khaled Wassef, Jane Whitfield.




In this epic feature-length documentary, refugees fleeing war-torn homelands and desperate poverty worked with filmmakers to tell their own stories.

See FRONTLINE’s web interactive.



Executive Producer, FRONTLINE PBS: Raney Aronson;
Managing Editor, FRONTLINE PBS: Andrew Metz;
Director, FRONTLINE PBS: James Bluemel;
Senior Producer, FRONTLINE PBS: Dan Edge;
Producer, FRONTLINE PBS: Jane Mirkin;
Editor FRONTLINE PBS: Simon Sykes;
Executive Producers, KEO Films: Andrew Palmer, Will Anderson.


HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

The Lords of the Rings

This ambitious investigative report—filmed in nine countries—exposed graft and corruption in the IOC and detailed how its members pursue wealth, privilege, and self-glory at the expense of the Games.



Executive Producers: Rick Bernstein, Joe Perskie;
Executive Vice President, HBO Sports: Peter Nelson;
Producer and Senior Reporter: Josh Fine;
Producers: Nick Dolin, Tim Walker;
Producer/Reporter: David Scott;
Reporters: Bryant Gumbel; Bernard Goldberg, Jon Frankel;
Associate Producers: Beret Remak; Jake Rosenwasser;
Editors: Brian Derr; Tres Driscoll, Mike Long, Jeremy Phillips, Jason Schmidt, Stuart Ash;
Production Associates: Evan Burgos, Daniel Litke.


Investigative Reporting

This joint award for three separate reports honors KARE 11’s commitment to investigative reporting, whether it be stories of bilking taxpayers, concealing child molesters or misdiagnosing veterans.

See KARE11’s winning investigative reports, “Invisible Wounds,” Double Billing the Badge and Secret Sex Offenders.



Investigative Reporter: A.J. Lagoe;
Executive Producer, Investigations: Steve Eckert;
Investigative Photographer/Editor: Gary Knox;
Assistant News Director: Stacey Nogy;
News Director: Jane Helmke;
Web Manager: Laura Stokes;
Online Producer: Dana Thiede;
Multimedia Producer: Emily Haavik;
Photographers: Bob Crippa, Bill Middeke, Dave Peterlinz, Chad Nelson, Ferlon Webster Jr., Carly Danek, Rob Collett;
Photojournalist: Taylor Lumsden;
Data Producer: Katie Robb;
Editor: Kevin Sullivan.



This innovative long-form report, based on a four month-investigation of the Houston PD’s $8 million body camera program, revealed its many weaknesses, including hundreds of cases with missing footage, major delays in releasing videos, and a general lack of accountability.


Investigative Reporter: Jeremy Rogalski;
Investigative Photojournalist: Keith Tomshe;
Investigative Producers: Stephanie Kuzydym, Ty Scholes;
Digital Producer: Matt Keyser;
Vice President News: Ellen Crooke.

National Geographic Documentary Films and Junger Quested Films

Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS

Pulled from nearly 1,000 hours of gripping footage, this important documentary explored the root causes and repercussions of the war in Syria, and detailed the West’s role in the creation of ISIS.

See more about Hell On Earth.



Directors/Producers: Nick Quested, Sebastian Junger;
Writer: Mark Monroe;
Editor: Aaron Soffin;
Music: Joel Goodman;
Co-Producers: Gretchen McGowan, Ahmed Barbary;
Executive Producers: Tim Pastore, Matt Renner.

NBC Bay Area (KNTV)

Arrested at School

An impactful two-year long investigative series chronicled the misuse of school police officers to discipline students, which can leave children with criminal records for what is arguably ‘childish misbehavior.'

Explore the investigation.



Executive Producers: Stephanie Adrouny and Bob Goldberger;
Reporter: Bigad Shaban;
Producers: Michael Bott, Rachel Witte;
Chief Photographer/Editor: Mark Villarreal;
Photographer/Editor: Michael Horn;
Photographers: Jeremy Carroll, Felipe Escamilla;
Data Analysis and Interactive Design: Scott Pham, Nelson Hsu, Ron Campbell.


Netflix | Forward Movement | Kandoo Films


This powerful documentary from Director Ava DuVernay examined how for over 150 years, the American political and legal system has targeted and labeled African-Americans as criminals.

Read more about 13th.



Director/Writer/Producer: Ava DuVernay;
Writer/Producer/Editor: Spencer Averick;
Producer: Howard Barish;
Co-Producer: Tilane Jones;
Directors of Photography: Hans Charles, Kira Kelly;
Composer: Jason Moran.


The New York Times

The Daily

One of the signature achievements in podcasting this year, The Daily gives listeners a seat at the table with Times reporters, raising the journalistic bar and inspiring a wave of imitators.

Listen to The Daily.



Managing Editor and Host: Michael Barbaro;
Managing Producer: Theo Balcomb;
Producers: Lynsea Garrison; Andy Mills; Rachel Quester;
Executive Producer, Audio: Lisa Tobin;
Editorial Director, Audio: Samantha Henig.

Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX, and Coda Story

Russia's New Scapegoats

In this courageous radio documentary, Reveal and Coda Story teamed up to shed new light on the dangers of Russia’s anti-gay movement, and exposed its cynical motives.

Listen to Russia’s New Scapegoats.



CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Coda Story: Natalia Antelava;
Senior Editor, Coda Story: Amy Mackinnon;
Senior Reporter, Reveal: Katharine Mieszkowski;
Executive Producer, Reveal: Kevin Sullivan;
Editor-in-Chief, Reveal: Amy Pyle;
Lead Sound Designer/Engineer, Reveal: Jim Briggs;
Associate Sound Designer/Engineer, Reveal: Claire Mullen;
Senior Supervising Editor, Reveal: Taki Telonidis;
Host, Reveal: Al Letson;
Production Manager, Reveal: Mwende Hinojosa.



This American Life

Episode 600: Will I Know Anyone At This Party? Act One: Party in the USA

In a tumultuous election year, Producer Zoe Chace traveled to Minnesota to report on immigration push back, in this firsthand account of the changes taking place in America today.

Listen to This American Life’s Episode 600.


Producer/Reporter: Zoe Chace;
Editors: Sarah Koenig, Chana Joffe-Walt, Ira Glass, Brian Reed;
Executive Producer: Ira Glass;
Senior Producer: Brian Reed.



Men on the Margin

WITI bravely challenged public opinion about some of the most reviled people in American society: convicted child sex offenders, who are paradoxically more prone to re-offend as a result of the laws intended to safeguard children.

Watch WITI-TV’s full investigation.


Anchor, Reporter, Series Producer and Photojournalist: Brad Hicks;
Vice President of News: John LaPorte;
Graphics Manager: Craig Sween;
Photojournalist/Video Editors: Kale Zimny, Josh Dewar;
Special Projects Editor: Dave Michuda;
Photojournalists: Jerry Imig, Aaron Frye, Chris Hyke, Joe Wagener;
Graphic Artist: Mike Mirasola;
Video Editor: Eric Litsheim.