Vanessa Quirk ’15 M.A. Arts & Culture
Vanessa is a Tow Center for Digital Media Fellow

Vanessa Quirk, ’15 M.A. Arts & Culture, Published Thesis in Atlas Obscura

For my Master’s Thesis, I wanted to find a story that would allow me to explore the idea of spatial justice, how space makes inequality physically manifest. In my first semester Audio class, everyone in class was intrigued by the idea of an underground park, which made me think this could be a subject interesting and rich enough to merit a thesis.

Finding the right structure for my story was the biggest challenge. With so many moving parts, it was difficult to find an organizational flow that served the narrative, was accurate to the timeline, and included all the relevant information when the reader needed it. While the original thesis is more comprehensive in scope, the ultimate publication for Atlas Obscura establishes a more streamlined, engaging narrative, one that pulls you into the Lowline founder’s journey.

The Lowdown on the Lowline, The World’s First Underground Park

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