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For Professor Robert Smith and Audio Workshop, David Marques, M.S. '21 reported on how the increasing legality of recreational cannabis is causing an unexpected problem for pets. His piece aired on WBAI.

Pups & Pot: A Dangerous Combo?

For Columbia News Service, Laura Esposito, M.S. '23, reports on how teachers and students in nearby schools are still processing their grief and trauma 6 months after a nearby shooting at the 36th avenue subway station in Brookyln took place, injuring 19, including 5 students.

Life Goes on in Sunset Park Six Months After Subway Shooting
Map of New York

Kasturi Pananjady, '20 M.S. Data, investigated physical accessibility in NYC schools for the 2020 Covering Education course and fewer school buildings were accessible than public data suggests.

Access Delayed, Access Denied
abstract figures on couch with computer and phone

For the 2020 Covering Education course, Jenna Gyimesi, '20 M.S., reported on the difficulty of recording attendance — and making that attendance meaningful— as NYC schools went remote during the pandemic.

Attendance is More than a Number