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For Professor Robert Smith and Audio Workshop, David Marques, M.S. '21 reported on how the increasing legality of recreational cannabis is causing an unexpected problem for pets. His piece aired on WBAI.

Pups & Pot: A Dangerous Combo?
logo depicting blue shoe with city buildings rising from it, with words "Shoe Leather" under it

The 14 students in Prof. Joanne Faryon's Spring 2020 Cross-Platform Investigative Journalism course produced this investigative podcast on forgotten news stories from 1990s NYC.

Shoe Leather Podcast
Cassandra Basler M.S. '15

Cassandra Basler, '15 M.S., follows two students from the Bronx as they decide if an intrauterine device (IUD) is right for them, a device that has become the frontline recommendation for teens nationwide.