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The 14 students in Prof. Joanne Faryon's Spring 2020 Cross-Platform Investigative Journalism course produced this investigative podcast on forgotten news stories from 1990s NYC.

Shoe Leather Podcast
Aging in Place Podcast

Experts often talk about the idea of "aging in place," but what does it actually mean? And how easy is it to pull off? In this episode of Gray Matter, a podcast about aging in New York City, Jennifer Sigl, '18 M.S., introduces listeners to Jackie, who can’t help but wonder how much longer she’ll be able to stay in her house.

For 77 years, the elevated 3rd Avenue El train rattled the windows of tenement buildings. Almost nothing remains of it today, except for the memories of New Yorkers who were there to see it come down. Camila Kerwin, ’17 M.S., reports.

Gilbert Baker's rainbow flag became the banner of the Pride movement from coast to coast. Kristin Schwab, ‘17 M.S., first reported this piece for Columbia’s Uptown Radio on how the colorful stripes contributed to a social and political movement.

The Statue of Liberty is an international symbol of freedom and democracy. But how the country defines those ideas now is in flux. When political rhetoric changes, so does the symbolism attached to historical icons like the Statue of Liberty. Kristin Schwab, ‘17 M.S., reports.

Adrian Ma, ’16 M.S., found for Uptown Radio, that while participation in youth football has dropped as a result of concussions one part of the industry might benefit from the concussion crisis. He produced this report for Marketplace.

Tourists hoping to get an aerial view of NYC’s skyline can take a helicopter tour, which were barred on Sundays. It’s a compromise between residents and tour operators. In his original piece for Uptown Radio Adrian Ma, ’16 M.S., explains no one is buzzing with enthusiasm.

Superstorm Sandy was years ago but New York City is still dealing with the storm’s aftermath. Repairs to the L train connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan will leave riders with few options. Stephan Bisaha, ’16 M.S., spoke with Brooklynites about their challenges.

Immediate gratification is now possible for baseball card collectors thanks to the Topps Company. As Elizabeth Brockway, ’16 M.S. reports, it’s given an update to the old-school classics for this year's season.