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Student Work

Map of New York

Kasturi Pananjady, '20 M.S. Data, investigated physical accessibility in NYC schools for the 2020 Covering Education course and fewer school buildings were accessible than public data suggests.

Access Delayed, Access Denied
WIRED: Americans Identified by Twitter as Russian Bots

As part of Susan McGregor's Investigative Techniques course, students in the M.S. Data and Dual M.S. concentrations wrote about Americans banned from Twitter after their accounts were flagged as bots tied to Russia's Internet Research Agency. Their story was published in the July 2018 edition of WIRED.

Students in Professor Mark Hansen's computational journalism class contributed to "The Follower Factory," a New York Times report on fake accounts in social media networks. It found that some 48 million Twitter accounts may be automated and designed to simulate real people. 


CJS '17 grads Manuela Andreoni and Inti Pacheco take us through what started out as a class assignment in data journalism contributed to a The New Yorker story by Adam Davison.

Podcast: Examining Trump's Batumi Deal
Univision Cruise Ship

A six-month investigation by students in Prof. Giannina Segnini's cross-border investigations with data class resulted in a collaboration with Univision that showed how the cruise industry is one of the least regulated in the U.S., and how it shielded itself under the laws of tax havens from which it operates. 

Lydia Namubiru '16 M.S. Data

Lydia Namubiru, '16 M.S. Data Concentration, is back in her native Uganda, working on a technology platform that will use text messages to connect professional journalists with sources in small towns and to aggregate the news from these communities. She is also teaching data journalism in Kampala. Read more about Lydia