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Postgraduate Fellowships

We offer full-time fellowships that give recent Columbia Journalism School graduates the opportunity to dig deep into subjects of public interest and to publish their work in professional news outlets. Fellows work for Columbia Journalism Investigations and produce investigative and enterprise beat reporting on a range of issues including global migration and immigration.

Investigative Reporting Fellowships

Columbia Journalism Investigations

CJI is a team of leading investigative journalists, Columbia University faculty, graduate students, postgraduate fellows, coders and others who conduct deep investigations into urgent issues of public interest, without respect to beat. Learn more »


These postgraduate fellowships are specific to international investigations and migration, respectively:

Cross Borders Fellowship
Cross Borders Data Project

Offers recent graduates the opportunity to apply their data and investigative skills to produce global stories of public interest. Learn more »

Global Migration Project
Global Migration Project

Reporting opportunities on gender and migration, focusing on U.S. immigration law, border politics, international refugee policy and more. Learn more »

Funding for Investigative Reporting

The Investigative Reporting Resource at the Columbia Journalism School underwrites the reporting of students and recent graduates working individually and in teams, on a wide variety of subjects, on all platforms.  At times, it may make scholarship gifts to students pursuing investigative reporting. The purpose of this resource is to advance in-depth reporting in the public interest. Donors include Anne and Greg Avis, Goldhirsh Foundation, The Tow Foundation, The Energy Foundation, Jeremy Levine and Yael Taqqu, Rockefeller Family Foundation, Dave and Kathy Scially, and Gruber Family Foundation. Among the fellowships that IRR supports is Columbia Journalism Investigations (CJI) and Cross Borders Data Project. Funding for CJI is also provided by the Ford Foundation.

Read the school's philanthropic donations policy to learn more about the principles that apply to the school's partnerships with philanthropic donors, particularly when those donors fund journalism or research. 

Other Postgraduate Fellowships

Delacorte Magazine Fellowship

Columbia Journalism Review Delacorte Magazine Fellowship offers three reporters nine months to pitch, report, and write stories about journalism news and trends for and its bi-annual print editions. In addition, the Fellows participate in the Delacorte Lecture, a series held in the spring semester that examine aspects of magazine journalism by a leader in the field of magazine publishing, and work on an ambitious research project with the goal of deepening the public’s understanding of some key aspect of the magazine industry. Learn more »