Ph.D. Program Faculty

Program Faculty

Communications Ph.D. Subcommittee

Casey Blake, Professor of History 

Victoria De Grazia, Moore Collegiate Professor of History

Herbert Gans, Robert S. Lynd Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Mark Hansen, Director of the Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation and Professor of Journalism

Eugenia Lean, Director of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute and Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Robert O. McClintock, Adjunct Professor and Emeritus Professor in the Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education in Teachers College

Brigitte Nacos, Adjunct Professor of Political Science

Eli Noam, Paul Garrett Professor of Public Policy and Business Responsibility in the Business School

David Pozen, Associate Professor of Law

Robert Y. Shapiro, Professor of Political Science

David Stark, Arthur Lehman Professor of Sociology and International Affairs