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M.S. Comp. Sci. Cost of Attendance

The journalism/computer science dual degree takes two years to complete.

See Scholarships and Financial Aid for information on financing your journalism education.

University Charges
Tuition: $2,316 per credit (31 credits first year; 33 second year) $71,796
Health Services Fee $1,214
Medical Insurance  $3,606
University Facility Fee $1,068
Document Fee (one-time) $105
Technology Fee (one-time) $1,200
Application Fee (nonrefundable)  $100
Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable) $1,000
TOTAL University Charges $80,089
Estimated Living Expenses
Rent $15,180
Food $7,330
Utilities $4,160
Books & Supplies $3,100
Transportation $2,150
Personal $6,000
Monthly Estimated Living $3,792
TOTAL estimated living expenses for first 10 months $37,920
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance for First Year $118,009




  • Lab and equipment fees for video and photography classes can run between $50 to $275 per class.
  • In the final semester of the program, Dual Degree students will be in residency at SEAS and subject to that school's mandated additional student activity fee as well as the increased facility fee.
  • Students borrowing federal student loans should factor in average loan fees of $212 for the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan and $1,607 for the Graduate PLUS Loan. The average loan fees will be automatically added to the cost of attendance at the time of the loan certification. 
  • Students holding a non-resident visa will be charged an International Services Charge each term. This fee supports the University’s services to international students.
  • The estimated living expenses provide for a moderate standard of living in New York. During the academic year students may incur some unanticipated expenditures, such as unreimbursed medical expenses. We encourage students to contact the Office of Admission and Financial Aid as needed to request a review of their individual budgets for possible adjustments that may allow for additional borrowing through various educational loan programs. Please note that to help with the review, we will ask you to fill out a Budget Increase form and to submit appropriate documentation.

Guide to University Charges

The Journalism School tuition schedule is set by the University.

  • Students are charged on a per credit basis

Student Fees

  • Health Services Fee: A mandatory fee for access to the University Health Service Center.
  • Medical Insurance Fee: Payment for those enrolled in the Student Insurance plan.
  • University Facility Fee: Overall fee for use of its facilities, including the library and gym.
  • Document Fee: One‐time payment for transcripts. This allows you to get as many transcripts as you want sent from the Registrar's Office without further cost.
  • Technology Fee: One‐time fee for all of the technical services at the school.
  • Application Fee: One‐time nonrefundable fee for your admissions application; not applied toward tuition.
  • Enrollment Fee: One‐time nonrefundable fee to secure your place in the class; not applied toward tuition.