A message from scholarship recipients

Scholarship funds give students from different walks of life the opportunity to achieve their goals of attending Columbia Journalism School. Like the university at large, the school sees a vital need in getting those students here, knowing that diversity in the classroom leads to diversity in the newsroom. The latter has become increasingly more important in the U.S. and internationally given the lack of local news coverage and under-represent voices in both rural and urban areas alike.

Every year, students from the journalism school take the time to write personal, heartfelt notes to those that contribute to the school on Giving Day. 


Bruno Garcia Gallo CJS ’17

Bruno is an associate producer for NBC Telemundo in Miami. Before attending the journalism school, he spent 15 years working for El Pais, the newspaper with the highest-circulation in Spain.

“You ask why is my note written in Spanish? It’s because Spanish is the language of my heart and I need to express my gratitude from my deepest sentiments,” writes Bruno Garcia Gallo.









Louis Baudoin-Laarman CJS ‘17

Louis is a Fact-checker for The New York Times. After graduating, he published several stories for Buzzfeed, where he covered the earthquake in Mexico City with a series of stories and live updates.













Adriana Loureiro CJS ‘17

Adriana is a photojournalist for several publications in Venezuela. She has covered topics from fashion to arts and to social injustice. Her Thank You Note gives you a sense of what life is like in Venezuela and serves as a window into Adriana’s drive to do journalism in the public interest.












To contribute to the journalism's school scholarship program on Giving Day visit: Columbia Giving Day 2017