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Columbia Journalism School Responds to Chauvin Verdict

Dear Students,

We have all watched the events unfold in Minnesota, culminating today with the conviction of Derek Chauvin after a closely watched trial that has justifiably drawn attention around the world. 

The killing of George Floyd remains a moment of reckoning in the American story of racial injustice, and in the ongoing crisis of deaths of African-Americans at the hands of police. 

As journalists, at moments like these, it is important to hold fast to our work as reporters, shine light on injustice and give voice to those in our communities who are marginalized and too often unheard.

We are all citizens and individuals, too, and we know that events unfolding in the nation can add to an already stressful year. We want Columbia Journalism School to be a place of support, information and resources. Please reach out to us or to other faculty and deans if we can help. 

We would also like to direct you to our  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion information page and to encourage students to take advantage of Columbia’s Counseling and Psychological Services and Columbia University Support Groups.

In addition, for guidance as well as a forum to share ideas, analyze issues and create strategies for reporting on violence and tragedy, please visit the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma.

For those reporting on these issues, we put together these resources. In addition, we urge you to be mindful of the current health situation: Reporting Safely on Covid During a Pandemic.

As journalism educators, we see our task as taking hold of the many questions raised by current events and spurring those in our profession to seek answers that hold public officials to account and keeps public discourse moving toward meaningful change. The reporting we teach and practice in such moments of reckoning is vital to creating a more civil and equitable society.  


Steve Coll

Winnie O'Kelley

John Haskins

Melanie Huff