Join The Columbia Journalism School on Giving Day To Pay It Forward

Giving Day raises scholarship aid for the next generation of aspiring journalists


On Wednesday, October 18 The Columbia Journalism School joins the wider Columbia University community on Giving Day, the university’s largest fundraising event of the year, to support the school and the programs that have an impact on a student’s life.

“It is a fundamental premise of modern U.S. higher education, and it is most certainly true of Columbia University, that scholarship and teaching are strengthened immeasurably by having a diverse faculty and student body,” wrote Lee C. Bollinger, president of Columbia University in a recent communication to university staff and faculty. Giving Day is just one of the ways in which Columbia University ensures that we’re able to meet our commitment to increasing diversity of thought, background and perspectives in the student body.

For the journalism school, Giving Day is an important initiative to help raise scholarship aid for the incoming class. In participating in this university-wide event, the journalism school competes for matching funds from the University Trustees. On Giving Day, every gift, no matter the size, truly matters.

Scholarship funds give students from different walks of life the opportunity to achieve their goals of attending Columbia Journalism School. Like the university at large, the school sees a vital need in getting those students here, knowing that diversity in the classroom leads to diversity in the newsroom. The latter has become increasingly more important in the U.S. and internationally given the lack of local news coverage and under-represent voices in both rural and urban areas alike.

In 2016, the school raised $167,292 from 259 alumni including matching funds from the University Trustees. The school hopes to surpass that number this year with your help.

Here are the ways that scholarship aid has an impact on the school’s student body:

• Approximately 96% of students rely on scholarships and financial aid to cover the cost of tuition and fees.

• Across all the school’s programs the average student needs between $55,000 and $76,000 - in addition to what it’s currently provided via scholarships – to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses.

• Each year bright, determined, aspiring journalists area accepted to the school but cannot attend due to financial constraints.


Join the rest of the journalism community on Giving Day by visiting Columbia Giving Day 2017