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Ruth Padawer

Adjunct Faculty


Ruth Padawer is a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine, focusing on gender and social issues. She has freelanced for the radio show "This American Life," and her work has also appeared in The Guardian, USA Today, The Week, Marie Claire France, Haaretz Magazine, and Internazionale. Prior to her magazine work, she was a senior writer at The (Bergen) Record newspaper, where she wrote about gender, health, education and local politics.

Her work has been praised on the PBS television show "Media Matters" and the NPR radio show "On the Media," and in Columbia Journalism Review.

At the J-school since 1992, Padawer has taught Reporting, Feature Writing, RW1, Columbia News Service, and Bronx Beat and has served as a master’s advisor. She earned an M.S. from Columbia J-school and a B.A. in history after attending Tufts University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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