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Rich Schapiro

Adjunct Faculty

Rich Schapiro joined the (New York) Daily News in 2005 where he is a staff writer covering cops, courts, celebrities and general assignments that have taken him to Iraq, Chad, Zimbabwe, South Africa, the Bahamas and Serbia.

His work contributed to the Daily News winning Deadline Club awards for spot news reporting in 2006 for coverage of the MTA transit strike and in 2007 for coverage of the Cory Lidle plane crash. He also played a key role in the paper's coverage of the death of Nixzmary Brown, which was a finalist in the Deadline Club's spot news category in 2007.

Schapiro graduated from American University '01 with a B.A. in philosophy and lived in Japan, where he taught English and worked at the Tokyo Journal magazine. He graduated from the J School ’05, and his other work has been published by The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post and Chicago Tribune.

More recently, his work at the Daily News included the case of the Jena 6 in Louisiana and the Gov. Spitzer scandal in Washington, D.C.