Maria Sliwa

Adjunct Faculty


Maria Sliwa is known for her reporting on human rights. As a press agent for the Sudan Campaign, she played a major role in publicizing the genocide, slavery and rape of civilians in Sudan and Darfur. She launched and managed an Internet news service, Freedom Now News, focusing on international human rights issues with over 100,000 subscribers. She also covered the self-immolation of Tibetans, and the plight of Richard Wurmbrand, an activist who spent fourteen years in imprisonment and torture in his homeland of Romania. She has lectured extensively on sweatshop labor, human trafficking, and issues of race and gender. Her reporting and activism helped convince the states of New York and New Jersey to divest from Talisman Energy of Canada, an oil company that was complicit in the Government of Sudan’s genocidal war against its own population.

The New York Times, Daily News, and New York Post have reported on Sliwa’s work. Her work has also been aired on ABC (Good Morning America), NBC (Today Show), NBC (Dateline), and CBS News. She has appeared on FOX 5, UPN 9, MSNBC and on numerous radio stations including WABC, WOR and 1010 WINS. Her articles have been published in a number of print outlets including: Contemporary Review, The Center for Advanced Studies of African Society, Pravda (Russia), Revue-Politique (France), The Nederlands Dagblad (Netherlands), Watani (Egypt), The Sudan Tribune, The Daily Monitor (Uganda), New Vision (Uganda), The South Africa Daily, The Panama News, Bulgarian News Network, The National Interest, The New York Sun, Huffington Post, AlterNet, and Global Tryst.

Sliwa has been invited to speak at numerous academic institutions including Princeton and Columbia universities and Sarah Lawrence College. She served as moderator for "Combating sex slavery here and now: The exploration of human trafficking," at Western Connecticut State University. She was a presenter for “Beyond the Mollen Commission,” sponsored by the Prelaw Society, the Psychology Association and PSI CHI of Fordham University, and chaired: “The economic challenges of New York City’s underclass communities,” a symposium for the Fifth Greater New York Conference on Social Research.  She has participated in aid, research and journalism projects in Bosnia, Croatia, Cuba, Columbia, Peru, India, Russia, Sudan and Uganda.

Sliwa is a former New York City undercover police officer, and is currently the president of Freedom Now Communications, Inc. and M. Sliwa Public Relations.