Gisele Regatao | Columbia Journalism School

Gisele Regatao

Adjunct Faculty

Arts & Culture

Gisele Regatao is a professor of journalism at Baruch College in New York City and a former executive producer and editor for WNYC and KCRW. She has reported on why foreign accents are a taboo on broadcast media, what makes “Cross Road Blues” an American Icon, the spicy story of the salsa album Siembrawhy more women than men go to Broadway and how sadness boosts creativity. Gisele has created several podcasts, including “Celestial Blood/Sangre Celestial,” the first bilingual radionovela podcast. Gisele loves art in all shapes and forms but, as a good Brazilian, she particularly enjoys samba.

At Columbia, Gisele teaches podcasting to the arts and culture concentration students.