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Ed Robbins

Adjunct Faculty


Ed Robbins is an award winning Director-Writer-Producer and Digital Journalist.  Drawn to stories of individuals in the face of adversity, he's travelled extensively across America and internationally to countries that include: Afghanistan, Burma, Colombia, Iraq, India, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Rwanda, South Sudan and Syria.  The topics have ranged from social justice, crime, frontline war, the environment, human rights, religion, science, to the performing and visual arts.  Over the past two decades, he's written-produced numerous hour programs for television outlets that include PBS, Discovery Channel, TLC, Nat Geo Channel, ABC, NBC, and in the UK: BBC2 and Channel 4.

As a Digital Journalist and reporter his videos have been commissioned by the NY Times, Time Magazine, and the International Reporting Project.  In addition, The NY Times stationed him at their Pakistan and Afghanistan Bureaus to report stories and train local Afghan staff in video storytelling.  He's been an Adjunct Professor at Columbia for the past three years, where he's taught video storytelling in the Newsroom class.  He holds a BA in Fine Arts from SUNY Stony Brook.