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Dody Tsiantar

Adjunct Faculty


Dody Tsiantar, a freelance journalist and editor, has been teaching at Columbia since 2007. Her favorite course: City Newsroom, a workshop that provides content for the nationally recognized NY City Lens, a student run website.  

Dody’s work, most recently covering the Greek debt crisis, has been featured in Al Jazeera America, Buzzfeed, CNN Money, CNBC, Fortune, In Style, Money, Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, Quartz, the Washington Post and Time, where she was the senior business reporter until 2006. 

She holds a Master's of International Affairs from Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree from Georgetown University.  Dody’s students –and Twitter followers ­– know she loves all things Greek, food analogies, and firmly believes that the only way to learn reporting is to get out of your chair and just do it. ­




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