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Extracurricular Life

Your second education: Exploring New York City

Student life at the Journalism School is not strictly about class work. The school regularly hosts lecture series, workshops, conferences and receptions. The school’s Stabile Student Center serves as a social hub for students and includes a café, workstations, teaching labs, conference rooms and the school library.

Student Government

The student government of the Journalism School is run through the university chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, the world's largest journalism organization. An elected board of student officers organizes events throughout the school year with active participation from the student body. Events include parties, field trips, panels and community service projects.

In addition, the board serves as the official liaison to the faculty on student matters.

Student Associations

Students interested in joining the student interest groups or Columbia chapters of national associations should contact the student representative or faculty adviser listed here.

Arab & Middle Eastern Journalists Association

Asian American Journalists Association

National Association of Black Journalists

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association                                  

South Asian Journalists Association

Society of Professional Journalists

Columbia Journalism School Women in Media

African Journalists Association

Columbia Journalism Alliance of Journalists with Disabilities

Columbia Journalism Climate Reporters Network

Explore New York

Reporting on neighborhoods across New York City immerses Journalism School students in the city’s diversity of cultures. From the Dominican bodegas of Manhattan’s Washington Heights to the Hasidic synagogues of Brooklyn’s Borough Park; from the Irish soccer leagues of Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx to the Guyanese chutney clubs of Richmond Hill, Queens; living and learning in New York City is an experience that can be replicated in few places on earth.

Columbia students have free access or discounts to many museums and cultural events through the University’s Arts Initiative. See Exploring New York City for other guides to the vast opportunities for work and play in the city.