Des Moines Register Reporter Andrea Sahouri Acquitted of Charges | Columbia Journalism School
Masked students hold sign reading "Journalism is Not a Crime" on steps of Pulitzer Hall
Columbia Journalism School graduate students stood in support of press freedom outside Pulitzer Hall Wednesday.

Des Moines Register Reporter Andrea Sahouri Acquitted of Charges

Today’s verdict acquitting Des Moines Register reporter and Columbia Journalism School alumna Andrea Sahouri is a clear validation of the fundamental right of journalists to cover the news, particularly in a year when dozens of reporters were arrested or detained while documenting protests. Others are still facing charges. The fact that the misdemeanor charges against Sahouri even went to trial is a misuse of our justice system and an unwarranted challenge to a constitutionally protected profession. The testimony by Sahouri gave the public a closer look at the critical role of journalists who often risk their own safety to document the news events that affect all of us. We commend Andrea Sahouri on her professionalism, her dedication to key principles of reporting with integrity and fairness, and her bravery in defending those principles in a court of law.