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Delacorte Center Past Events



"Editing The New Yorker." David Remnick in conversation with Dean Jelani Cobb. Cosponsored by SPJ.

"Editing a Magazine of Ideas." With: Ben Platt, editorial director at Public Books; Rebecca Panovka, co-founding editor of The Drift; Arielle Angel, editor of Jewish Currents

"Writing about Climate Change" with Elizabeth Kolbert of The New Yorker. Co-sponsored by the J-Scool Student Climate Group.

"Free Evan: An event in support of Evan Gershkovich." With: Elena Cherney, Chief News Editor, Wall Street Journal; Valerie Hopkins, international correspondent, New York Times; Gulnoza Said, Europe and Central Asia Program Coordinator at the Committee to Protect Journalists; David Rohde, Executive Editor, The New Yorker; Max Seddon, Moscow Bureau Chief, Financial Times.  Co-sponsored with the Simon and June Li Center for Global Journalism.

"Strangers to Ourselves": Writing about Mental Health with Rachel Aviv of The New Yorker.

"Reporting from Ukraine." Conversation with Joshua Yaffa of The New Yorker. Co-sponsored with the Harriman Institute.


Reporting on Russia and Ukraine with Nanna Heitmann (Magnum Photos), Max Seddon (Financial Times), and Joshua Yaffa (The New Yorker)

Family Separation and Its Consequences: Caitlin Dickerson of The Atlantic in conversation with Daniel Alarcón.

Editing The New Yorker, with David Remnick.

Thinking about the War in Ukraine with Alexander Cooley (Barnard), Sophie Pinkham (New York Review of Books), Olenna Lennon (University of New Haven).

Reporting from Ukraine, with Elena Kostyuchenko of Novaya Gazeta. Recording.


Reporting on Criminal Justice: Jennifer Gonnerman of The New Yorker. 

"Sports, Politics, and Subscriptions" with Defector Media (Barry Perchetsky, Jasper Wang, Giri Nathan, and Lauren Theisen).

State of the Industry with Lucy Kaylin, VP of Print Content at Hearst.

"Reporting the Pandemic: Science Writing at The Atlantic," with Robinson Meyer, Ed Yong, Sarah Zhang, and Sarah Laskow. Moderated by Shinhee Kang of the Columbia Journalism Review.


"On Writing Well" with Vinson Cunningham of The New Yorker.

"Diversifying the Newsroom" with Lauren Williams of Vox. Presented jointly with the Hearst Digital Lecture series. In conversation with Prof. Bill Grueskin.

"Covering Criminal Justice" with Susan Chira of The Marshall Project and Josie Duffy Rice of The Appeal.

Fact-checking and reporting with Jonathan Blitzer, Jiayang Fan, Fergus McIntosh, and Alexandra Shwartz of The New Yorker.


Grammar Lecture with Mary Norris, Comma Queen (New Yorker).

The 1619 Project with Nikole Hannah Jones and Jamelle Bouie (New York Times Magazine). Moderated by Prof. Jelani Cobb.

Journalism and the Russia Investigation with Ben Smith (Buzzfeed), Jeffrey Toobin (The New Yorker), and Marcy Wheeler (

"True Crime" panel with Patrick Radden Keefe and Kathryn Schulz (The New Yorker), Ginger Thompson (Propublica), and Casey Cep (author of Furious Hours). The panel examined the recent renaissance of the "true crime" genre in both magazine journalism and podcasting.

Journalism and Design Conference, co-sponsored by the Brown Institute. Guests included graphic designers The New Yorker, and Riverhead Books; illustrators from the New York Times, New Republic, and Scientific American.


Writing on Race and Culture with Wesley Yang.

Women in Media with Madeleine Blais, Robin Marantz Henig, Gerri Hirshey, Suzannah Lessard, Susan Orlean, Patsy Sims, Mimi Swartz, and Joyce Wadler.

Slow Burn Podcast with Leon Neyfakh and Allison Benedikt (Slate).

Journalism of Resistance with Masha Gessen (The New Yorker).

Magazines and Politics Conference. Guests included Rachel Rosenfelt (New Republic), Molly Fischer (The Cut), Doreen St. Felix (New Yorker), Adrian Chen (New Yorker), Elena Kostyuchenko (Novaya Gazeta), Sophie Pinkham (The Nation), Jelani Cobb (Columbia Journalism School), Mark Grief (n+1), Liza Featherstone (The Nation).


Writing on TV with Emily Nussbaum (The New Yorker).

An Evening with Jacobin, with Bhaskar Sunkara, Remeike Forbes, and Elizabeth Mahony.

Journalism and the Law with Lynn Oberlander (Gizmodo Media).

Editing The New Yorker with David Remnick.

The Business of Magazines with Hillary Frey (Huffington Post) and David Rose (Lapham's Quarterly).

An Evening with Lingua Franca, including Jeffrey Kittay, Judith Shulevitz, Alexander Star, and Margaret Talbot.

Fact-Checking at the New Yorker with Peter Canby.


Writing from the Left with Sarah Leonard (The Nation) and Bhaskar Sunkara (Jacobin).

Writing about Segregation with Nikole Hannah-Jones.