Data Journalism Webinar Series Part 2

The Columbia Journalism School is hosting the second installment of the Data Journalism Webinar series for students looking to learn more about data and its applications in the journalism profession.

Webinar Schedule:

Media, Tech & Democracy
Wednesday, December 6 12-1P ET.

Emily Bell Director of The Tow Center for Digital Journalism        
Mark Hansen Director of The Brown Institute for Media Innovation
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Mark Hansen and Emily Bell are at the forefront of the research and computational development taking place in data journalism. Join them for a riveting conversation about the intersection of media, tech and demoracy and their impact on the future of the profession. 

Data Journalism & Quantification

Monday, November 20 11-12P
Jonathan Stray, Adjunct Professor and Computational Journalist
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Data is not just numbers, but numbers were the first form of data. Join Jonathan Stray to see how the quantitative tradition, created to answer scientific questions, can be used to do journalism instead.

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