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What Students Say

The Columbia Publishing Course was the best thing I could have done to launch my publishing career. It was inspiring in a way that far exceeded my expectations. The total immersion meant that we completely soaked up the flavour of the publishing industry, frolicked in a bit of glamour, met a remarkable range of people that it would usually take a lifetime in the industry to even shake hands with, and also gained immediately applicable skills.

Helen Thomas, CPC 2006, Editor at Large, Hachette UK Children’s Books


I was looking for a course that would give me real, practical skills, taught by people working in the industry today, and that’s exactly what CPC gave me. It’s a unique opportunity to meet fascinating people from all areas of publishing and make amazing contacts.

Tig Wallace, CPC 2014, Senior Commissioning Editor, Hachette UK


With its focus on the book industry, small class size, and magical campus, CPC-UK was a truly immersive dive into the world of book publishing. The course was more valuable than I could have ever imagined.

William Vogan, CPC 2016, Assistant Editor, St. Martin's Press


Nothing prepares you to enter the world of publishing like the Columbia Publishing Course. I’ve happily used the knowledge and connections I gained at the course at Oxford to create a dynamic career path here in New York City.

Avi Molder, CPC 2016, Institutional Sales Coordinator, W. W. Norton


The knowledge and experience I have gained from the Columbia Publishing Course is very valuable and has made me feel more confident about entering the industry. 

Rachael Marks, CPC 2019, Production Associate, Abrams Books


Studying publishing in a place that is rich in literary history is magical. During CPC-UK, you are living where Philip Pullman and J. R. R. Tolkien studied. You can visit the pub where Tolkien and C.S. Lewis would chat, and you can see the Alice in Wonderland-inspired stained-glass windows at Christ Church. All this and rich preparation for a job in a field you love. Amazing!

Elisabeth Kingren-Hawkins, CPC 2017, Sales Operations Coordinator, Simon & Schuster


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