Please note: The classes listed here represent recent offerings at the Journalism School. All are M.S. courses, except for those that are specifically designated as M.A. courses. Choices vary each semester depending on faculty availability and other considerations. Classes described now may change or be dropped to make room for new additions. We cannot promise that students will gain a seat in any specific class.

Covering Religion

Covering Religion aims at preparing students to write about religion for secular media outlets. This year, the seminar will focus on the diversity of religious faiths found in Italy. Thanks to a generous grant from the Scripps Howard Foundation, the course will include a week-long study-tour of Italy at no cost to students. The study-tour will take place over spring break. While a major focus of the semester will be on the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican, the class will also look at minority faiths in Italy, including Jews, Protestants and Muslims. In addition to writing assignments, each student will make an oral presentation in class about the coverage of his or her “faith beat.” While still in New York, students will select and begin to report on the stories that they want to cover while abroad. Upon the return from Italy, students will write and produce the stories that they worked on while traveling. Course is open to all M.S. students, both part-time and full-time and from all concentrations.