Cassandra Geraldo
She is in the part-time program and works for VICE.

Cassandra Geraldo ’17 M.S. Stabile

Before coming to Columbia, I worked for four years as a freelance photographer, and I still do. On the one hand, it allows me flexibility in taking the classes I want to take but it also means that I’m balancing and juggling different projects. But we all learn that's the way of journalism.

One of the biggest benefits of being a part time student is that I have the time to think about where I want to see myself and to make plans for my future. I don't really plan on changing careers drastically. I will continue building my name as a photojournalist. However, I do see myself making moves, potentially starting in the fall, to apply to fellowships to make the transition to working abroad in Latin America.

A lot of people questioned me for coming back saying that I had already built a career as a photographer. I even questioned whether I need to go back to school, but as a freelancer, I felt that I had hit a ceiling in terms of the possibilities of what I can do and going to school, specifically enrolling in the Stabile program which really allows you to go in depth in a project, for me, was really enticing because it meant that I could take my career to the next level. I'm adding depth to a skill set that I’ve already established.

Her “After School Project” has been featured on The New York Times and Slate. More of her work is featured on