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Career Expo | Info for Employers

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The annual Career Expo is held each spring.

SAVE THE DATE: TBA for Career Expo 2024. Check back in Fall 2023.



A Virtual Journalism Job Fair

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The Career Expo showcases the wide range of news organizations operating today, from legacy media to digital startups and international, national, regional and hyperlocal outlets, general news, single issue/topic-focused and investigative websites producing content in a variety of media, including text, video, photo, audio and data visualizations.

Employers seek candidates to cover a range of subject areas. Companies that attend the Expo are seeking to fill:

  • Full‐time positions
  • Part-time positions
  • Paid Fellowships
  • Paid Internships
  • Freelance, contract and stringer positions
  • Freelance assignments

The Career Expo takes place every spring and is limited to the graduating students of Columbia Journalism School. The 2023 Career Expo took place in March, with 154 news outlets attending online. The 2023 Expo was all virtual, attracting newsroom recruiters from across the United States and India.


Three students walk down a hallway at Lerner Hall at the Career Expo

Career Expo 2023 will be a two-day virtual event.

All interviews take place over video conferencing that is included with your registration. All you need is an Internet connection to participate. After you register, you will be provided with a link to set up your virtual company booth, where you may also add other attendees from your organization at no additional charge. 

There will be four different meeting types during the Expo for you to choose from:

  • One-on-One Meetings: These 20-minute meetings can be scheduled by students directly prior to the event days or during the event. Interview slots are based on the availability provided by you and your colleagues.
  • Roundtable Networking: Set up a roundtable networking room specific to your company and engage with up to 16 students at a time.
  • Webinars/Info Sessions: 30-minute presentations that provide an overview of your company and include a Q&A with our students. No limit on number of students attending.
  • Smart Matchmaking: Automatically find recommended profiles to network with based on your hiring needs. 


Photo of a student interviewing with a recruiter at the Career Expo

Early Bird Price: $100 per booth. Deadline: Friday, Feb. 24 at 5 p.m. EST

Regular Price: $300 per booth. Deadline: Friday, March 3 at 5 p.m EST

The registration fee covers ALL recruiting sessions!

The Career Expo is heavily underwritten by Columbia Journalism School to keep the cost of attending as low as possible.

What's Included:

  • Virtual Company Booth and access to our video conference platform. After you register, you will receive information for and assistance with setting up your virtual company booth. All you need is an internet connection to participate.
  • 20-minute interviews with our graduating students, based on the availability provided by you and your colleagues.
  • Flexible schedule: Employers can create a schedule that includes any combination of one-on-one appointments, roundtables, smart matchmaking, and/or an info session. 
  • Digital Resume Book

Meet Our Students

Two students shaking hands at the Career Expo

The Career Expo is limited to the graduating students of Columbia Journalism School. The Journalism School is a graduate school at Columbia University that confers Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees to more than 300 students each year. Our students are a pluralistic, multilingual and multinational group with diverse life experiences, journalistic interests and skills. They will enrich your newsrooms and communities as they venture forth to tell deeper, more complete stories that matter. This year’s group includes military veterans, former lawyers, teachers and business analysts, recent undergraduates, journalists with significant experience and many others.

Students graduating in 2023 and attending the Career Expo include:

Our students are trained in reporting across all media platforms, with a range of skills, including text, video, photo, audio and digital production, investigative techniques, data-driven reporting, interactive graphics, computer programming and audience engagement. All students graduate with a toolbox of investigative skills, including how to obtain and analyze public records and data and get information about individuals and groups using a variety of sources and social media for reporting and verification.

The Class of 2023 by the Numbers, as of Fall 2022:

199 M.S. Journalism students, including students in Stabile Investigative, Documentary and Visual Craft specializations

18 M.S. Data Journalism students

41 M.A. Journalism students, who concentrate on the coverage of Arts & Culture, Business & Economics, Politics or Science

  4 Dual Degree in Journalism and Computer Science students

8 Knight-Bagehot Fellows in Economics and Business Journalism

  4 Spencer Fellows

28 Ph.D. in Communications students

43 Countries represented (44% of the class are international students)




If you would like more information about the Career Expo, please contact Jacob Holzman, Program Coordinator, at 212-854-6840 or by email. You can also join our mailing list.

Need to recruit before or after the Career Expo? We can assist you with your year-round recruiting efforts:

  • Interview Days Employers who would like to interview our students are welcome to schedule a visit to campus or arrange virtual interview sessions. We will provide a meeting location, notify students and assist you in scheduling interviews.
  • Meet the Media If you'd like to tell students about your company, we host in-person and virtual brown‐bag informational sessions with students all year.

To set up your recruiting efforts, please contact us.