Ben Taub ’15 M.A. Politics
A Big Story About European-Born Jihadis

Ben Taub, ’15 M.A. Politics, published his thesis in The New Yorker

I had been looking into the phenomenon of teens joining ISIS when I acquired a large batch of documents, including police wiretaps of Belgian jihadis in Syria calling back to friends and relatives to describe violent crimes.

Sensing there was a bigger story here, my thesis advisor, Steve Coll, put me in touch with The New Yorker. Soon after, I traveled to Belgium to report the story on the ground. Both Columbia and the magazine supported and guided my reporting during that period, down to questions about security and logistics.

When I returned, David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, generously advised and edited early drafts, later connecting me with an editor at the magazine. The article, “Journey to Jihad,” was the cover story of the June 1, 2015 issue of The New Yorker.