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2017 duPont Winners

Read last year's press release for the full list of 2017 winners. You can also see their winning work by following our hashtag #duPont2017.  

CBS News

Nowhere to Go, Europe’s Migrant Crisis

This timely series of breaking news reports, filed by three teams of reporters from more than six countries, witnessed history as it unfolded from deep inside the year’s human flood pouring into Europe.

Steve Capus, Executive Producer; Chris Licht, Executive Producer; Sharon Hoffman, Executive Producer; Scott Pelley, Anchor & Managing Editor; Gayle King, Anchor; Norah O'Donnell, Anchor; Charlie Rose, Anchor; Charlie D'Agata, Correspondent; Mark Phillips, Correspondent; Holly Williams, Correspondent; Ryan Kadro, Senior Broadcast Producer; Kimberly Godwin, Senior Broadcast Producer; Heather Abbott, Senior Producer; Eric Bloom, Senior Producer; Pete Gow, Supervising Producer; Lynne Edwards, Producer; Erin Lyall, Producer; Randall Joyce, Producer; Haitham Moussa, Producer; Agnes Reau, Producer; Justine Redman, Producer; Guldenay Sonumut, Producer; Fernando Suarez, Producer; Eleanor Tuohy, Producer.

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Dateline NBC

The Cosby Accusers Speak

A gripping interview with a room full of women who speak out movingly against their alleged abuser Bill Cosby and challenge the belief noone would ever hear them.

Lester Holt, Anchor; Kate Snow, Correspondent; David Corvo, Senior Executive Producer of Primetime News; Elizabeth Cole, Executive Producer; Adam Gorfain, Senior Broadcast Producer; Ellen Mason, Senior Producer; Marianne Haggerty, Supervising Editorial Producer; Rob Buchanan, Producer; Liz Brown Kuriloff, Producer; Sue Simpson, Editor; Rob Allen, Editor; Deb E. Brown, Editor; Bruce Burger, Editor; Justin CeCe, Additional Producer; Jessica De Vera, Additional Producer; Karen Israel, Additional Producer; David Ketterling, Additional Producer; Deborah Kim, Additional Producer; Michelle Madigan, Additional Producer; Terrell Tangonan, Editor; Alvaro Trenchi, Editor; Irene Trullinger, Editor; Don Vass, Associate Producer; Julie Kim, Associate Producer; Whitney Rodgers, Associate Producer.

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#CosbyAccusers, #Cosby, #CosbyAccusersSpeak, #CosbySexScandal

ESPN Films and Laylow Films

O.J.: Made in America

One of the most infamous crime stories of the 20th century was masterfully reexamined in this nearly eight-hour documentary that provided a sobering lens through which to see race, celebrity, history and American culture.

Ezra Edelman, Director & Producer; Caroline Waterlow, Producer; Tamara Rosenberg, Producer; Nina Krstic, Producer; Connor Schell, Producer; Libby Geist, Producer; Erin Leyden, Producer; Deirdre Fenton, Producer.

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#madeinamerica, #OJMadeinAmerica, #OJSimpson


The Naked Truth: Death by Fentanyl

With its bold coverage, human details and timeliness, this investigation contributed to our understanding of the abuse of the drug Fentanyl as the latest development in America’s growing opioid painkiller epidemic.

Mariana van Zeller, Correspondent; Keith Summa, Executive Producer; Nina Alvarez, Senior Producer Darren Foster, Producer; Cristina Costantini, Producer; Roberto Daza, Director of Photography; Alejandro Valdes-Rochin, Editor; Yasu Tsuji, Editor; Julia Soto, Editor; Connie Fossi, Additional Producer; Natasha del Toro, Additional Producer; Peter Alton, Photography; Ben Pender-Cudlip, Additional Photography; Michael Giannantonio, Additional Photography.

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#Fentanyl, #FentanylEpidemic, #DeathbyFentanyl 


Escaping ISIS and Children of Syria

Two fearlessly reported in-depth hour-long programs told powerful human stories about families suffering - and surviving - the current conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

Escaping ISIS:
Raney Aronson, Executive Producer, FRONTLINE; Andrew Metz, Managing Editor, FRONTLINE; Edward Watts, Director/Producer/Videographer; Evan Williams, Producer; James Jones, Senior Producer; Todd Downing, Editor; Bradley Manning, Editor; Ann Parker, Head of Productions, ITN; Val Campbell, Head of Productions, ITN; George Waldrum, Executive Producer, ITN; Sam Collyns, Executive Producer, ITN.

An ITN Productions – Ronachan Films co-production with Evan Williams Productions and Mediadante for WGBH/FRONTLINE in association with Channel 4.

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#escapingisis, #childrenofsyria, #escapingisis, #Syria, #Aleppo, #ISIS, #mosul

Children of Syria:
Raney Aronson, Executive Producer; Andrew Metz, Managing Editor; Marcel Mettelsiefen, Director/Producer; Stephen Ellis, A.C.E., Co-producer/Editor; Chris Shaw, Executive Producer, ITN; Dan Edge, Senior Producer; Ann Parker, Head of Productions, ITN.

An ITN Production for WGBH/FRONTLINE in association with Channel 4 and ZDF.

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The GroundTruth Project

Foreverstan: The Girls’ School and Razia’s Way

A nonprofit news organization devoted years to reporting this compelling cross-platform project, to illuminate an improbable phenomenon: a successful girls’ school in Afghanistan.

Beth Murphy, Director, GroundTruth Films; Charles Sennott, Executive Director; Kevin Grant, Co-Founder and Managing Editor; Nathan Tisdale, Editor; Habib Shaban, Interpreter; Kevin Belli, Cinematographer, Editor; Elissa Bogos Mirzaei, Cinematographer; Sahra Mosawi, Cinematographer; Aziz Hamidullah, Cinematographer; Nathan Tobey, Podcast Producer; Daniel Gross, Podcast Producer, Amy Pedulla, Podcast Producer; Brendan Brown Podcast Sound Design.

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#Foreverstan, #Afghanistan

HBO Documentary Films and SOC Films

A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness

This heartbreaking documentary filmed in Pakistan covered every nuanced angle of a bewildering social construct: the need for patriarchal respect can be used to justify a daughter’s murder.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Director/Producer; Tina Brown, Executive Producer; Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer; Lisa Heller, Senior Producer.

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#AGirlintheRiver, #Pakistan, #priceofforgiveness


Racial Profiling Whitewash

This massive data-driven investigation uncovered overwhelming evidence that law enforcement was subverting racial profiling statistics by consistently misreporting the race of minority motorists during traffic stops.

Brian Collister, Investigative Reporter; Joe Ellis, Investigative Producer; Ben Friberg, Investigative Photojournalist; Josh Hinkle, Executive Producer; Chad Cross, News Director; Robert Sims, Digital Media Manager.

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#racialprofiling, #whitewash

Michigan Radio

Not Safe to Drink

An impactful radio documentary that brought the Flint, Michigan water crisis to national attention and aggressively pursued the state agencies’ cover up of Flint’s extreme lead poisoning.

Lindsey Smith, Reporter/Producer; Sarah Hulett, Senior Editor; Steve Carmody, Reporter/Producer; Mark Brush, Web Director; Rebecca Williams, Reporter/Producer - The Environment Report.

Visit the website. Follow on Twitter: @MichiganRadio, @lzsmitty, @sarah_hulett

#NotSafetoDrink, #Flint, #FlintWaterCrisis, #Michigan

NBC Connecticut

Crumbling Foundations

One viewer’s tip led to dozens of stories in a hard-hitting investigative series that exposed crumbling basement walls in hundreds of homes, uncovering the cause and its connection to a single concrete company.

George Colli, Investigative Reporter; Brad Drazen, Anchor/Investigative Reporter; David Michnowicz, Photojournalist/Editor; Sharon Butterworth, Executive Producer; Ben Dobson, Vice President of News; Susan Tully, President and General Manager.

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#CrumblingFoundations, #ctnews, #concrete, #Stafford


Mystery Beneath the Ice

Why is the Antarctic’s essential krill population shrinking so dramatically? This visually stunning and engaging film follows scientific researchers under the Southern Ocean’s ice to discover the answer: climate change.

David Sington, Director/Executive Producer/Writer; Heather Walsh, Producer; Paula Apsell, Senior Executive Producer; Julia Cort, Deputy Executive Producer; Emmanuel Laurent, Executive Producer; Martin de la Fouchardière, Executive Producer; Chris Schmidt, Senior Producer; Anne Barleon, Administrator.

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#MysteryBeneaththeIce, #KrillingIt, #krill

NPR & Daniel Zwerdling | Colorado Public Radio & Michael de Yoanna

Missed Treatment

NPR and Colorado Public Radio partnered on this groundbreaking exposé that revealed how the Army subverted the spirit of the law when it kicked out more than 22,000 returning disabled veterans.

Daniel Zwerdling, Correspondent; Michael de Yoanna, Reporter; Nicole Beemsterboer, Producer; Robert Little, Senior Editor; Barbara Van Woerkom, Research Librarian; Jani Actman, Intern; Courtney Mabeus, Intern.

Visit the website. Follow on Twitter: @NPR, @COPublicRadio, @mdy1

#MentalHealth, #Awareness, #Treatment, #Soldiers


Charity Caught on Camera

WTHR-TV’s shocking undercover investigation exposed deplorable conditions and staggering mismanagement at a local rescue mission where tons of food and items donated for the homeless never made it to those who needed it most.

Bob Segall, Senior Investigative Reporter; Bill Ditton Photojournalist/Editor; Cyndee Hebert, Investigative Producer; Susan Batt, Investigative Producer; Scott Hums, Digital Content Director; Steve Wolfe, Graphics Director; Amy Ramirez, Graphics Director; Kathy Hostetter, News Director.

Visit the website. Follow on Twitter: @WTHRcom, @BobSegallWTHR, @cyndeewthr

#Indiana, #CharityCaughtOnCamera.

WXIA 11Alive Atlanta

Dying for Help: Fixing the Nation’s Emergency Response System

This ongoing series of investigative reports first broke the news nationally, then helped prompt a solution for the systemic failures in an obsolete 911 system in which first responders can’t find cell phone callers during half of all emergencies, even deadly ones.

Brendan Keefe, Chief Investigator; Jeff Reid, Executive Producer; Jennifer Rigby, News Director; Phillip Kish, Digital Director.

Visit the website. Follow on Twitter: @11AliveNews, @BrendanKeefe

#EmergencyResponseSystem, #DyingforHelp